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Major Legends enthusiast here! I waste way too much time playing this game! When I’m not playing it, I’m thinking about Decks and new card combinations to try.
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strength agility Lethal Forge
By: Turi Orlando
willpower strength Noble Aggro Crusader
By: Turi Orlando
agility intelligence Shackle and Torment
By: Turi Orlando
Random Dagoth
By: Turi Orlando
Ward Master
By: Turi Orlando

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ON  Deck - [#1 Legend April 2019] Conscription Empire2 months ago +2
Excellent deck....was curious if you considered adding “Journey to Sovngarde” for getting buffed cards on a second or third play of Conscription? I just played a unbelievably long battle using your deck. I did ultimately win, but I was getting nervous I was going to run out of steam.
ON  Deck - - Rank #19 Legend - Slaying Rage5 months ago +1
Fun deck to play, wasn’t having a lot of success with Hlaalu decks until trying this one...thanks for sharing.
ON  Deck - Discard and Summon4 months ago +4
Ah, here it is, I’ve played against this deck before! Very cleverly crafted! Thanks for sharing 😉👍🏻
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ON  Deck - CVH Hlaalu Aggro1 year ago +1
This is an awesome deck!! I wasn’t able to duplicate it exactly, but the deck I made based on this rocks. I’d have never guessed a deck without any impressive high-cost cards could do so well, but it does. In my version of this deck I added some 4-cost Legendary cards like Tyr. I also like having Garnag Dark Adherent in this deck. If you can play and protect Garnag, your opponent won’t be able to play any of their annoying high-cost cards. That can be very helpful if you aren’t able to take your opponent out before they reach 8 magicka.
ON  News - The Frostfall Collection9 months ago +1
Does anyone know the release date for this collection? I’ve been saving a lot of gold in hopes for some new cards!! 🤩
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