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Casual ESL player who SUCKS at making competitive decks and relies on this website for ideas.
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ON  Deck - They are billions: undead army - TOP #50 LEGEND2 months ago +2
Thanks so much for the generous and patient reply! I'll give it a try.
ON  Deck - They are billions: undead army - TOP #50 LEGEND2 months ago +2
This deck looked like a lot of fun and I constructed 3 Bone Colossus and Vastarie for it. But like dav0r, I'm not having much success, only winning about 50% of the time on ladder, and I'm definitely playing well past turn 8 most of the time. I'm definitely not a top tier player, but I play often and tried to follow your guide. Any suggestions? Maybe on which cards are best to use Wake the Dead? (I usually picked Bone Colossus or Skeleton Champion)
Not bad, but I'm not having the success I'm seeing in the posts or in your description. I don't have ALL of the cards, but I have almost all and have some good substitutions. I get destroyed by Telvanni Control decks (usually in long, 20 minute games). The deck has no support removal, so these become a threat too.
ON  News - Moons of Elsweyr Complete Spoiler2 months ago +2
Am I the only one that has put zero thought into how to play Wax/Wane and Consume? I'm still trying to figure out which is Empower and which is Expertise.
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ON  Deck - [Legend] Most Optimal Aggro Sorcerer10 months ago +1
This deck helped me climb out of rank 3 (where I was stuck for days) up to 1. Some aggro decks are challenging, but not impossible if I'm careful. A great all-around deck that can tackle lots of different deck types.

For those that don't have Emeric, make him your next craft, he's a great card.



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