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ON  News - New Expansion coming: Houses of Morrowind1 year ago +2
i wonder how the tri-color cards will work in arena...
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ON  News - New Story Expansion: Return to Clockwork City1 year ago +2
what's with the "ongoing" mark on the star-sung bard? is it going to be a new visual on all cards with ongoing effects and not just supports? or is it a weird hybrid of support and creature?
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ON  News - First Gauntlet: Rumble, June 10-122 years ago +1
well, your math is solid, but don't forget that these are statistics, and don't mean a lot to the single person. but it does suck to know that for me and 2 other players to get good prizes, 14 others need to get crappy ones
ON  News - New Expansion Teased, First Card Revealed1 year ago 0
Is that a greybeard in the bottom right? I hope it's shout related...
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ON  News - Houses of Morrowind: Card Reveal #21 year ago Edited 1 year ago   0
so action token magesword is going to be a thing?



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