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ON  Deck - Early August legend11 months ago 0
Pilgrim is to slow for me. It doesn't add anything to the board and if you draw it into aggro it can lose you the game.

I prefer Rebirth over NTR. Eventhough the deck is greedy Rebirth lets me revive guards in the same lane. And a hand of bricked NTR's and Rebirths is dangerous :)

Ramp might have a place but I only have one slot that I tinker with atm and thats the Pickpocket slot. Oathmen, Pickpocket, and Schemer are all possible options. Tree Minder maybe.
ON  Deck - Early August legend11 months ago 0
So one of the reasons why there's three crushing blow is because there is enough clear in the deck to counter aggro. Cornerclub and Ash both die to crushing blow as do Housecarl/Crusader and many other draw mechanics. One of the ways to beat aggro is to stop them from drawing more cards.

Barrow Stalker is a great card. The Elusive Schemer slot is a flex slot and if Barrow Stalker is what you want to run there isn't much downside. I went greedier with my build because to beat other Tribunal greed is needed. The Crushing blow are pretty key and help bridge no Barrow Stalker.

3 Dawns Wrath is probably unnecessary. But its worked out due to most people only expecting one and Conscription being common. Dropping 2 would be fine!
ON  Deck - Early August legend11 months ago 0
So you don't get out late gamed by Conscription. Same with Ox Telvanni. Sometimes the you just have to alternate your gameplan based on your opponents deck. Smorc'ing down Ox Telvanni, Conscrtiption, and Doomcrag feels awkward but it is the right move.
ON  Deck - Early August legend11 months ago Edited 11 months ago   0
I'd disagree. I'm fine with my current win rate and position on ladder

I don't think going into a losing matchup with the mindset of not changing your gameplan knowing that is just simply wrong.

Conscription doesn't have a ton of punish for face damage. The problem players have is they want to ONLY play reactive with control when establishing your own proactivity is the key to winning losing matchups. Sitting back and clearing and letting them get to journey/conscript is a losing line.

Its not even unable to push face damage. There is enough hand damage if you can push them low enough you can finish the game.

If you let them just play their own game you lose late game. But I do not think that is the correct course.
ON  Deck - Mudcrab Trib6 months ago 0
Meme wraiths are tourney tech. Would recommend + 1 blow, + 1 execute, +1 Ebonheart.



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