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strength endurance Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.
By: Yannick YAD
strength endurance doomcrag combo war
By: Yannick YAD
Vampire, did you say vampire ?
By: Yannick YAD
endurance agility Scout ramp of despair
By: Yannick YAD
strength agility Archer swindler's market: invasion of firebrands
By: Yannick YAD

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ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.8 months ago +1
Hello. Sorry for the delay.

Well. Actually warriors are rather mid/aggro than mid decks. So this deck isn't very accurate at the moment. Too slow against telvanni / tribunal. And there is not enough aggro deck in the ladder for a tempo deck.
ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.1 year ago +1
Yep. I didn't update this deck until now. I tried a new doomcrag war / some mid redoran. But i think i can make some good change for this deck. I'll try it later.
ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.2 years ago +2
Vanish2K :
1- It depends on what you opponents is playing. But it's almost board control and push face at the same times. If you can do a good trade, you have to do it most of the time during the first 3-4 turns of the game.
2- There is no need to use hard removals in this deck. Most of the clear can be done by ping or creatures.
3- Garnag is a good creature which can be played instead of a midnight sweep eventually. I have to try it.

Meru :
Of course this deck was better when it was more or less unusuall. But it remains good anyway. I'm currently in top 100 even if i don't have played ranked these last days.

My score against scout is actually 7-2. It's a good match up for me. Scout has no good hard removal neither AOE and use mainly huge taunts as defense. There is 5 silence and 2 giant in this deck to avoid huge taunts. Many good trades against "weakest" taunts like blacksap, midnight sweep if played or hist mage.
Ramp scout is a deck you can easily outvalue. Most of the time you finish him by sacrifying a sower of revenge on a full lane.

It's harder against control mage, especially with the last decks. my score is 13-6 actually. So it's a tie since 5-5 since i put my stats. Well, and 3 of those losses was against Eyenie. I think that Eyenie is a bigger counter of this deck than control mage anyway.

But with a good use and a good placement of mage slayer, enchanted plate, haunting spirit, spellsword and morkul gatekeeper, you can avoid AOE and outvalue the mage T6 and T8.

The deck is not as easy to play as it looks. That's not only push face and look if you can win.
ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.1 year ago +1
This deck is an mid / aggro deck. Lucien has a insane value against aggro or token decks. Or when you have the control of the field lane against other mid decks.
ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.2 years ago +1
Totally viable.

My winrate with this deck is :

- 69% in april for 169 games
- 67% in may for 148 games
- 69% this month for 97 games. I'm actually 34 legend, switching between this deck when the meta is rather aggro and assassin when the meta is rather control.



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