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ON  Card - Daggers in the Dark1 year ago +1

Frankly, nothing is wrong with cards like that. It makes them more interesting when making an appearance. At least they're not broken AF like some other nonsense cards.
ON  Card - Jarl Balgruuf1 year ago +1
Savos_Aren wrote:
yellow blue green color combination is not possible.

Why wouldn't be?
ON  Card - Nahkriin, Dragon Priest1 year ago +1
That's how you make a broken card.
ON  Deck - Slay Rage Ebonheart Pact Control5 months ago Edited 5 months ago   +2
Quite interesting as the main slay aspect is not diluted and getting empty is an issue in slay decks for time to time. I also like the thought of the additional digging and removals, not to mention the Slay Support. I would add Night Mother as well.

For now, I'm not sure if it's still better than its very compact two-attributed brothers.
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ON  Card - Soul Tear6 months ago +1
JackAries wrote:
Do you get to choose which card or is it random?

You get to choose of course. Now imagine this with Paarthurnax. Nasty stuff.



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