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strength endurance Aela Packmaster
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strength agility Custom bogchamp
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willpower strength Prophecy Midgrosader
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strength intelligence Ianbits relentless lumberjack
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Mono Yellow* token Redoran
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ON  News - Balance Changes for Patch 2.85 months ago +2
Raccoonrider wrote:
I think just making Indoril Mastermind a 3/1 would've been perfect.

Agreed. Would we've brought it to somewhere in between TGR and Elusive Schemer
ON  News - Frostspark Collection: New cards revealed #410 months ago +6
Also, comparison with Cave Bear and Highland Lurcher puts into the light the power level here.
ON  Deck - New Isle of madness mid dagoth 90% WR7 months ago +2
Preying Elytra could make an adequate substitute to Cornerclub Gambler and is also a new card.
ON  Card - Lydia8 months ago +3
It should be mentioned that this card can be attacked form both lanes as well.
ON  News - Frostspark Collection: New cards revealed #410 months ago +3
This card blows out of the water Pahmar-raht Renegade which is the best 5 drop beatstick at the moment. I hope this to gets nerf. 4 Health would make it at least bolt-able.
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