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strength endurance Aela Packmaster
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strength agility Custom bogchamp
By: Nicolas Lessard...
willpower strength Prophecy Midgrosader
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strength agility Lethal Ping Archer
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endurance intelligence My generic midrange sorcerer
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ON  News - Frostspark Collection: New cards revealed #42 months ago +6
Also, comparison with Cave Bear and Highland Lurcher puts into the light the power level here.
ON  News - Frostspark Collection: New cards revealed #42 months ago +3
This card blows out of the water Pahmar-raht Renegade which is the best 5 drop beatstick at the moment. I hope this to gets nerf. 4 Health would make it at least bolt-able.
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ON  Card - Blueclaw Matron1 month ago +1
It exists to make sure RNG can **** you over.
ON  Deck - LEGEND AGGRO BM- AND KIND OF A GUIDE1 month ago Edited 1 month ago   +1
I used Shield Breaker to replace a Hlaalu Sharpshooter that I didn't have and it saved me a game.

Also I don't have any Daggerfall Mage so I replaced them with Cunning Ally, as well as replaced Morkul Gatekeeper with Camlorn Hero to help trigger. This might backfire, will have to see.
ON  Deck - Typical weaken/control deck3 months ago +1
I notice you have lots of "1 of"s in your list. I reckon your deck would be more reliable by taking away those cards don't follow the game plan as well to add more copies to those who do.
Leaflurker, Viper and Varanis Courier come to mind as "3 of"s.
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