Metalapin in a few Words:
*Reached Legend Rank multiple times.
*Main goal on ESL: make meme decks viable to play them in legend rank... cuz MEMEs, you know?
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strength intelligence Silent Treasure of Balance
By: Metalapin
strength agility URSS Archer
By: Metalapin
intelligence willpower The Banisher
By: Metalapin
endurance willpower Midrange Token SkellSword
By: Metalapin
endurance intelligence Mid-RAAaaAAaaange Sorcerer
By: Metalapin

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ON  Deck - Warriorc [90% Win-Rateo]11 months ago Edited 11 months ago   +1
Aspects are not mandatory, you can try to swap them with Underworld Vigilante,
but Sowers are reeeeally good! I would strongly suggest you to craft them if you can, because they are almost like an auto-include in a lot of warrior decks!
ON  Deck - Master Merchant [Trade Victory]9 months ago +1
Thanks! Any feedback to improve this deck is very welcome!
May the memes never die!
ON  Deck - Master Merchant [Trade Victory]9 months ago +1
Actually in the few games I did with this deck the main win condition was to ramp as fast as I could to 7 magicka and use the moose to outvalue the opponent, so I can't afford to run Dismantle, even though I have to admit I didn't even think about it! It's a really clever card choice, definitely will try it in another "trade deck"!



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