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ON  Deck - Redoran Drain Control8 months ago +2
One thing I wanted to ask Hanseric...how necessary is the Red Year? I don't have it, and just wondering is it worth it to craft. I will mention too I replaced Morgul Gatekeeper with Tree Minder. It weakens the early game a tad but allows for good ramp in the deck. And if you're lucky to hit a Night Shadow and Unstoppable Rage on one turn it's a game changer! I've also replaced Cast into Time with Clockwork Dragon. As one commenter already mentioned, I really like the versatility of the card in this deck. Which would you keep, Cast into Time or Piercing Javelin??? Love the inclusion of Triumphant Jarl. Really helps with card draw after a heal combo. I don't think that was in the original. Again, great work. Really enjoying the deck.
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ON  Deck - Redoran Drain Control8 months ago +2
Patience, patience and more patience. Fun deck! This is about surviving the long game. Do not break your opponent's runes. Set up your healing combos and you're unstoppable rage combos. You're not going to win every game but the ones you do are incredibly satisfying! Thanks for the deck I've
really enjoyed it.
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ON  Deck - Redoran Drain Control8 months ago +1
I'll definitely replace Javelin with cast into time. I like the prophecy on the javelin but I think cast into time can really mess up some game plans! Lol I actually tried the Apex Wolf! Subbed for undying dragon. even though I loved the artwork of the wolf it just wasn't as powerful as the Dragon! Let me know what you think of it and what you might sub out. I just want to play one game where the wolf hits odahviing!
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ON  News - Isle of Madness is out: All cards revealed5 months ago +1
Wow. Couldn't be more impressed with Isle of Madness. Asethetics, art, gameplay, unique cards. The list goes on. Congrats to Sparky pants. Exceptionally done.
ON  Deck - Tribunal Dragon v1.211 months ago 0
Nice deck list Bradford! I'm running something similar with good success (20-7, 74% WR) in lower ranks (8-9). I too love Dragons and Tribunal so it's cool seeing another build. I have Delphine in my deck but rarely get her activated without my opponent taking her down. Nice thing is that she becomes a focus for removal and/or resources. Never thought of Sotha. Kinda love it! I'll try him out. What's up with Thieves Guild Shadowfoot? It's an interesting inclusion. Are you finding it worth the space? I'm using Cliffside Lookout which can snowball pretty good. I also have a few more dragons for activation, for things like Cliffside and Ghost Sea Lookout which has been surprisingly good for me. Again, thanks for sharing the build!
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