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This is true.
Sowers are a necessity to make this archetype function. Catapults are more of a recent addition, but they are extremely valuable in helping the deck race and push out big damage. Contrary to regular gameplay, it is usually wiser to open shadow lane with Catapults. Your creatures are big enough or have ward so that they are often able to survive for a turn or two until your Catapult can come online.
Journey seems necessary with the triple Shrine and triple Conscription, would not play it in this form otherwise. If you really can't make Journey atm, may look at cutting Shrines for Baronesses. I'm not Jason though so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Deepwood Trappers seem like an anti-aggro tech as well as a nice card with Journey. Without them, you only have 6 cards for Conscription - so you probably want another 1 or 2 drop if you need to replace them. Something like Protector of the Innocent might be a suitable budget choice for now.
Yes, believe Petamax originally came up with the concept.
ON  Deck - Warpmeta EU #7 Winner: Traitor-Joe - Mid Sorcerer8 months ago +2
It looks like he did a 2-1 split with Dragontail and Ald Velothi rather than just going with 3 full copies of either. As an individual card, Dragontail doesn't have immediate board impact like the other 2-drops come late game - and doesn't clog up a winning lane quite like Ald Velothi does. We saw this pseudo-effect in the final last night when Traitor-Joe rolled lethal on his Shrieking Harpy via Royal Sage in a full field lane of his own creatures - and the opponent had to awkwardly guard up there anyways, allowing the Harpy to easily take out whatever he played since he had no answer.

Besides that, along with the snowball potential and ability to trade up with Ald Velothi, Traitor-Joe could just be trolling us, which is one thing that can never be counted out.



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