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strength endurance Ramp, Reanimate, and Rage!
By: Garp74
Redoran Ramp, Reanimate, and Rage
By: Garp74
One Copy is All You Need
By: Garp74
strength agility Fun with Rage Archer
By: Garp74
endurance agility It's Dwem'ah Time!
By: Garp74

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ON  Deck - Budget Friendly Soul Gem Farming1 year ago +3
As a new player, this is much appreciated. I didn't know about the "farm on expert mode for 300 soul gems a day". Thank you!
ON  Deck - Dragon Archer - Reborn1 year ago +1
Gave you a thumbs up. Looks fun. One question: Why the 2-drop Reflective Automation? Maybe I'm being blind, but I'm not seeing synergy with anything. Or is it just a value play, a 2-3 for 2? Thanks! And welcome back :)
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ON  Deck - Archer, Factotum Rage1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
You're a better player than I am, I'm sure, but I'm wondering if it's worth it to substitute out Eclipse Baroness for Quin'rawl Brawler. Brawler has unbelievable synergy with Quicksilver Crossbow (attach the bow, hit face, pilfer with Brawler, and you went from 4/4 to 13/13) and with Unstoppable Rage.

Great deck, +1!
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ON  Deck - Dragon Archer - Reborn1 year ago 0
nikosgoult wrote:
It can count as a dragon since it can have all types of creatures, discounting alduin for 2 mana is nice

Ohhhhh! Thank you very much :-)
ON  Deck - Every day I'm shacklin'1 year ago 0
Pardon me while I ask a dumb question :) Why "Stronghold Incubator"? I'm not clear what its function in this deck is. I was looking at "Knife to the Throat" instead of "Stronghold Incubator", but thought I should ask you for your thoughts please :) Thanks!



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