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ON  Deck - RAGING SHARPSMITH - Now with GUIDE!5 months ago +3
acampbell11 wrote:
Oh. So now you are gonna play the victim card too? Lol.

This is what happens when you pick fights with the bigger boys.

If you define yourself as bigger because you accumulate virtual upvotes on this site you must be a very sad individual irl.

The problem with your decks being upvoted beyond reason is this:

Inexperienced players think your decks are the best. So they spend all their hard earned soul gems to craft them. Then they lose and lose and lose. This is the real problem here.

I don't mind your decks, some are very creative and I applaud you for that. But they don't deserve to have 30 more upvotes than all the other decks on this site.

You should put a disclaimer on your decks:
"This is a meme deck, dont expect to win a lot with it"
and it would be fine. People wouldn't get deceived in thinking your decks are strong. Because they are not.

But you and your army of upvote-sheep make all the lesser experienced players think that your decks are "the best" and they couldn't find any better decks.

You mobilize your fanboy army everytime on your discord to upvote your newest decks. Just admit it.
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ON  Deck - FierceGoth -with guide how to play-7 months ago +2
Insane deck!

How (if) would you replace Ashe Berserker after his nerfs?
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ON  Deck - Embassy Action Elf - NOW WITH GUIDE!7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +2
Fun deck!

Sadly I am at 5 Wins - 10 Losses now.

This deck doesn't seem to hold up to the meta dominating fun-police decks.
ON  Deck - TransMogrify5 months ago +2
This deck is creative, fun, absolutely unique and not too weak either.

If I could I'd upvote twice
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ON  Deck - Fleeting Apparition Legend Ramp (Updated)3 weeks ago +2
Callahan09 wrote:
I'm thinking of playing this soon. I don't think I'm going to craft Emperor Titus for this, would you agree he can be fairly easily replaced in this list? That's 1 spot for a Necromancer. What else would you recommend most replacing with the other 2 Necromancers? I assume based on your comments you made some of these slight modifications to the list, and I was curious what you settled on. I am thinking of getting rid of two Spirit Knives to make room for the other 2 Necromancers.

What are your target creatures for the Cruel Fireblooms? Assuming it's primarily Black Hand Messengers and Telvanni Catspaws to trigger their last gasps?

Why not somehow make room for a 3rd Territorial Viper, Piercing Twilight, and/or Shadowfen Priest? Feels weird having a decklist that doesn't seem to prioritize consistency by having so many non-3-ofs, but what do I know? I never made a good decklist in my life :)


Exactly, I cut 2 Spirit Knives and Titus for 3 Necormancers. :)

The Firebloom targets are correct. But use whatever target is available to get rid of big threats.

A third Viper is not really needed, since you can bring them back with Necros. I feel a third Shadowfen or Piercing Twilight is not really needed, either.

At the moment I am thinking about cutting out 1 Firebloom and Tavyar/Ryvat in favor of 2 Shrieking Harpies, to help with the early game while maintianing synergy with Fleeting Apparition.

What do you think about it?



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