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Actually you CAN craft the cards from the madhouse collection pack

"you’ll also find ten brand new cards to craft, draft and play with."

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well we will see today then :)
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i was asking myself the same thing because you cant craft it, and 1500G is quite a lot so 10 bucks for 10 new card is not actually quite a good deal so...
ON  Deck - [UPDATED] Vinther's New Generation Action Assassin3 years ago Edited 3 years ago   0
i have been trying quite hard to make it work but i dont see how.
the deck is combo deck which require number of piece to work which you often dont have.
the problem is the card draw and how you stay alive around 8-10 to play your SM

if you have any suggestion :)

edit: i dont own DFM, seem a pretty must have in the deck ?
thx for the feedback, really appreciated your efforts :)



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