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ON  Card - Thadon, Duke of Mania4 months ago +4
ON  Card - Syl, Duchess of Dementia3 months ago +2
Please find an in-depth look at uses and synergies of Syl here.
ON  Deck - Blood Warriors - WEEKLY DECK - A Life of Crime6 months ago +3
If it runs Jiub, I will love this deck ;)
ON  Deck - [Hidden Title] Isn’t it IRONIC, don’t u think 2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +3
Sure- for IoM there is now an article on tesl.blog with at least one additional one https://tesl.blog/2019/02/25/isle-of-madness-titles/. There is also The Red Mountain where you need to deal 100 damage with The Red Year at once



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