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strength endurance Warrior Dragon (Because dragons r best)
By: Talilover
Imperial Shouting dragon
By: Talilover
strength agility Typical weaken/control deck
By: Talilover
endurance willpower M-muh dragon deck
By: Talilover
Telvanni shouts
By: Talilover

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ON  News - MOONS OF ELSWEYR - CARD REVEAL #21 month ago +5
Glacial dragon + tiny dragon combo incoming
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ON  Card - Unstoppable Rage8 months ago +1
You ever notice how so many creature cards on this site have a comment pointing out how strong said creature is with this card?

That's because this card is overpowered af
ON  Card - Squish the Wimpy4 months ago +5
You know how yall could avoid an enemy's slay abilities by using guards or the shadow lane?

Yeah this card gets rid of that.
ON  News - MOONS OF ELSWEYR - CARD REVEAL #21 month ago +2
Meh, I'd defend that by saying that it being a 3/3 would require consuming a creature (so you would have had to have played a creature/ lost that creature beforehand) so it's not yet another overpowered endurance card...such as mammoth,haunting spirit, etc. etc.
ON  News - Moons of Elsweyr Complete Spoiler3 weeks ago +1
Someone help, I do NOT understand the point of cadwell the betrayer
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