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strength endurance Warrior Dragon (Because dragons r best)
By: Talilover
strength agility Typical weaken/control deck
By: Talilover
endurance willpower M-muh dragon deck
By: Talilover
Telvanni shouts
By: Talilover
intelligence willpower Just be a massive deck
By: Talilover

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ON  Card - Unstoppable Rage6 months ago +1
You ever notice how so many creature cards on this site have a comment pointing out how strong said creature is with this card?

That's because this card is overpowered af
ON  Card - Bleakcoast Troll1 month ago +2
Anything because you're garbage if you use this busted card.
ON  Card - Squish the Wimpy2 months ago +4
You know how yall could avoid an enemy's slay abilities by using guards or the shadow lane?

Yeah this card gets rid of that.
ON  Card - Sower of Revenge2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +1
This card is just a prime example of op nonsense and one of the many reasons I groan when I see I'm going against warrior decks. No go ahead, try to spin up some justification for this card...go on and tell me how a 5/5 guard with a almost guaranteed 5 face damage is balanced for 5 cost. You're probably the same type of folk who think Haunting spirit or Bleakcoast Troll are balanced cards and that it takes real skill to play warrior.

God just had to vent, I really really despise this card. "Do yOu FeAR mE moRtAl, yOU sHoUld." No but I hate you and everything you stand for you F***ing auto include in every warrior deck
ON  Card - Morag Tong Aspirant6 months ago Edited 6 months ago   +1
Did you know she wants to be an assassin, like Naryu?

If you didn't she'll tell you...alot



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