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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #16 months ago Edited 6 months ago   +2
Quick first impressions runthrough:
Grummite: Large middle finger to control mage and conscription. Yay!

Seducer: That drain both turns is really good. You're probably going to get health from her no matter what except for hard removal cards like Javalin.

Fortress Guard: Eh. I'd pick Lydia over him, as for just one more cost you get essentially the same thing but with 2 more health and 1 more power. I suppose due to the fact that Lydia's unique could sway it, but all in all, Fortress Guard isn't something I would love, but I could see usage.

Giant Chicken: memes lol. It could be used, especially if confused villagers does something unique, but this doesn't seem like something I would use.

Crazed Hunger: Deranged Corprus 's little brother. This has less long-run value than Corprus, but considering that both can be easily dealt with, I would pick Hunger.

Icy Shambles: Goodbye, Ash Servant . Hello, Shambles. Dres Tormentor with this can get you 5 damage as soon as it's summoned and when it attacks. Deepwood Trapper is a bit less costly when it comes to attack-to-shakle, but Shambles still is a good card.
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ON  Card - Improvised Weapon8 months ago +1
Little extra damage and health, along with breakthrough, all for the cost of nothing! It's not the greatest card, but it is pretty versatile.
ON  Card - Calm8 months ago +1
As stated before, useful for triggering effects that need a certain amount of power or less. When used correctly, it can also be used as a discount ward. You will have better choices, but you can do much, much worse.
ON  Card - Bushwhack8 months ago +1
Slightly underrated card. You'd be better off with a silence, but ignoring a Guard is pretty good. Even if it's just for a turn, it can turn the tide of a battle.
ON  Deck - Combo Scout7 months ago +1
This appears to be your first deck, so allow me to give some suggestions.
Dwemer Puzzle Box is pretty bad. It appears that you are wanted to have a bit of a Necromancer deck, with Falkreath Defiler and Gravesinger, but it is a bit strange to only dedicate 4 cards to it. I don't see why you would want it, especially considering you also have other choices for drawing cards.
Healing Hands isn't too good. Healing isn't too useful.
Finally, it seems like this is just a compilation of cards, and I can't see the combo.

This would still probably be better than what I could come up with



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