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ON  Deck - Wolf Forest3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +1
CRyanReed wrote:
Automaton gets the buffs for being a wolf and animal. This makes it better than a non-wolf filler 2 drop even though it lacks defensive key words such as Fighters Guild Recruit.

Yeah i know that. For a morw front heavy deck it seems reasonable. I tuned the list for my liking and made it more midrangy. I really like the theme and the cobstant life gain, token summon buff thing. Its like a breath of fresh air.
ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #33 months ago +1
Thadon looks nice too as a good 6 drop on willpower. Some card draw with the lane is great too and synergizes well with high vitality decks. Cloak and dagger seems lame though its like a 2 cost scimitar.
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ON  Deck - Wolf Forest3 months ago +1
So after some testing i wondered why you use the automaton (except that it accounts as animal, wolf and spriggan) wouldnt a lowcost guard be more helpful for better early board presence? Have tested that out so far2
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ON  Deck - Ranged Pilfering3 months ago +1
CRyanReed wrote:
This looks like a lot of fun!

Thx man^^ one of my favorite parts is the alit self trogger with the den out.
It lacks giards an draw but overall i had a lon of fun with it.
ON  Deck - Wolf Forest3 months ago +2
I just wanted to made this today. looked it up and booom here i go^^
I'll take it :D
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