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ON  Deck - Chanter Version 3.09 months ago Edited 9 months ago   +3
won my first three-game lol This is no meme it works well (rank 5)
ON  Deck - Tribunal Control Decapitador top 510 months ago +1
Wish I could afford this lol
ON  Deck - ChestHams WarpMeta #40 Control Tribunal9 months ago +1
The Voiceless wrote:
Giorgos Constantinou wrote:
Do you really need a guide for this??
It's the most simple cancer control deck out there!!!
Here is not so lengthy but usefull one(hm-hm):
step 1: wait for oponent to play a card
step 2: kill it
step 3: continue until oponent surrenders in an outrage burst and frustration
the end!!

I hope you're joking. Control decks are abysmal in this game and the fact that you think this is cancer when Conscription is a card is baffling.
LOL Conscription is a nightmare
Let me tell you I been trying to get out of Rank 5 for three days and with this deck won 4 in a row and now I am in Rank 4. I Like how there are many answers for threats, I had the best luck with the Mantikora they remove anything in sight love it. Love Apex wolf and Sotha Sil but they always remove it no fun lol. Will continue to use it to see if it carry me over more, thanks.

With gratitude,

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ON  Deck - Plastbanta9 months ago +2
jonathan coronado wrote:
Good short explanation.
So far the best and funnest item Sorc deck I have played. The Galyn + Necro + Master of Arms combo is so satisfying.
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