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- Rank #19 Legend - Slaying Rage
By: Angry Mudcrab

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ON  Deck - KCBR Imagine Dragons3 weeks ago Edited 3 weeks ago   +2
I really like the idea, since dragon decks are sadly not as competitive as they should be. I would cut some less strong cards and replace them with more competitive ones like Edict of Azura, Cast into time, Ald Velothi Assasine etc.
Also some drain together with 3 Ebonhearth Oracles works well (Ravenous hunger, Barrow Stalker) to survive early in the game and also to get the full value of Undying Dragon.
Soul Tear would also fit better in the deck than Dark Rebirth :)
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ON  News - ISLE OF MADNESS: CARD REVEAL #54 days ago +3
pagantiny wrote:
the hulking scalon look unstoppable

It gets destroyed by mass removals, like Dawns Wrath or the Red Year, you can silence it with creatures and then remove it. Leaflurker will also work, Wabbajack also.
Its not unstoppable, but definetly very tough.

It will love ward and a lute ;)
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ON  Deck - Not your typical Strike Monk3 weeks ago +1
Love the description, +1
ON  Deck - - Rank #19 Legend - Slaying Rage3 days ago +1
Hey, nice to hear that you like it!
I also tested Umbra, but it happened to often that the enemy left the board with 1 cheap lethal creature my Umbra-carrier had to battle ;)
ON  Deck - - Rank #19 Legend - Slaying Rage2 weeks ago +1
Heavy control really is a problem, but I dont have this problems against midrage and most aggressive decks. Its mostly how to use your early options, to either put a little pressure on the enemy or, remove what they havee. Often you have to wait for some combos to remove some creatures together, but this requires some exercise with the deck.



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