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intelligence willpower Embassy Action Elf - NOW WITH GUIDE!
By: acampbell11
intelligence willpower Chanter Version 3.0
By: acampbell11
strength intelligence RAGING SHARPSMITH - Now with GUIDE!
By: acampbell11
strength agility PUNISHING RAGE
By: acampbell11
strength agility Namira's Party 2.0 - NOW WITH GUIDE!
By: acampbell11

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ON  Deck - RAGING SHARPSMITH - Now with GUIDE!2 months ago +2
Says it in the description exactly as follows:

- Struggle VS Pure Aggro
- Lack of Prophecy?"

So yeah, I am not surprised if you went 0-5 playing this. The meta constantly switches based on the time of day. Folks are either spamming aggro decks OR control deck or anything in between including midrange. When I encounter that I just switch to another deck to counter the timezone meta. Easy.
ON  Deck - Chanter Version 3.04 months ago Edited 4 months ago   +9
ON  Deck - Cancer Crusader1 year ago +2
Ok sadly I played this on ladder still in fairly low rank 3 for the month. Went 6-0 and got Cancer. Now I am in a wheelchair and I have no hair. Thanks Russian Fushion.
ON  Deck - Embassy Action Elf - NOW WITH GUIDE!5 months ago +4
First of all I never made you a promise about going to legends and secondly, you as always entitled to your opinions publicly.

Thank you for your review. Giving this comment a +1
ON  Deck - RAGING SHARPSMITH - Now with GUIDE!2 months ago Edited 2 months ago   +1
Is that why you are upvoting all your comments and downvoting all of mine by EXACTLY 4 at the same time?

"I don't mind your decks, some are very creative and I applaud you for that. But they don't deserve to have 30 more upvotes than all the other decks on this site."

Who are you, the legends-decks police? You type all this crap using 2 LD accounts and only 1 of your accounts (Vloblo) up to a few days ago before I pointed out just how terrible he was. Now the only deck he has on this site is the one I gave him a +1 on and a positive comment, total.. +1 btw.

Meanwhile, you do not post on here. I checked your chat history. It exists entirely to downvote any comment I put on here, spread ridiculous lies, downvote anyone who does reply to my comments negatively, and make up alt accounts to do the same...

I think you should get some help. I am not trolling you, this is a very serious issue you have.


"You mobilize your fanboy army everytime on your discord to upvote your newest decks. Just admit it."

UR DAMN RIGHT I DO. Wouldn't you?



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