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So a few of you have already messaged me about this, and I like to keep my fans updated.. I will answer this question via bio so only you see it. Yes, I am the devil.

I will abuse anyone who "streams" as you have the lowest self-esteem in the community, which is why you stream in the first place. Speaking of "place", that is where I will continue to put you in. Your community is a dog and pony show.

Bio updated 8/25/18
Behold the field in which I grow my ****s, and see that it is barren.

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intelligence willpower Embassy Action Elf - NOW WITH GUIDE!
By: acampbell11
strength agility Namira's Party 2.0 - NOW WITH GUIDE!
By: acampbell11
willpower strength AGGRO BIG PIMPIN (TURN 4-7 KILL)
By: acampbell11
strength agility Lethal Gambit V5.0
By: acampbell11
strength agility Namira's Party - Now with guide!
By: acampbell11

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ON  Deck - Cancer Crusader7 months ago +2
Ok sadly I played this on ladder still in fairly low rank 3 for the month. Went 6-0 and got Cancer. Now I am in a wheelchair and I have no hair. Thanks Russian Fushion.
ON  Deck - Journey to Centurion9 months ago +9
That was mean as sh*t. You need to work on your people-skill for better!
ON  Deck - Masochistic Self-Mill9 months ago +2
Thanks for the post Warriors, forgot to +1.
ON  Deck - AGGRO BIG PIMPIN (TURN 4-7 KILL)5 days ago +2
You don't suck. I know who you are. You are far above average @ ramza0
ON  Deck - Embassy Action Elf - NOW WITH GUIDE!1 day ago Edited 1 day ago   +1
Salty Embassy Elf





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