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endurance agility Big Slay scout
By: Viktor F
strength agility Archerwow
By: Viktor F
intelligence willpower Automaton fervor
By: Viktor F
endurance agility Big scout prob bad
By: Viktor F
strength intelligence Prob not good battlemage
By: Viktor F

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ON  Deck - Theorycraft - Mid Dominion5 months ago +2
Swift Strike would be a nice addition, just remove one shadowshift. Nice deck!
ON  Deck - Boring tribunal Legend5 months ago +1
Yeah also have that issue, dont know how to either.

Might join the dark side to play this deck. Thx for sharing :)
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ON  Deck - %70WR - Guildsworn Champion Conscription5 months ago +2
Feels like you could easily replace intelligence with endurance cards like edic of azura, emperors blade, sower of revenge. Dont know what this deck tries to do. aggro midrange or control or all of them in a big mashup.

It seems to me that you must be able to realize what your oppnent plays pretty early to determine how you want to procede with you own gameplan. And with the current meta, where every1 plays what ever they want. This is a bad idea for most people. But in a month of so i think i will try this deck :) Thx for sharing^^
ON  Deck - Mar/Apr/May 2019 top #10 finish, mid-telvanni4 months ago +1
I guess this has a nice surprise effect on your opponents would you top it of with one conscription?
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ON  Deck - world eater6 months ago 0
What do you use the improvised weapon for? :)
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