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ON  Card - Winterhold Illusionist9 months ago 0
This use to be the opiest Card before the update. U could play two of them in a row one to make another random creature disappear doesn't really matter and the other to make the previous illusionist disappear, then when he re-appeared make the target enemy disappear and it made a banish effect. It was fun when it lasted.
ON  Card - The Black Dragon9 months ago 0
Savos give it lethal just in case too

ON  Card - Imperial Might9 months ago 0
good for betray decks. more weaklings to sacrifice

ON  Card - Vanus Galerion8 months ago 0
what of just what if ur deck is out of cards, and u have 15 health or less , now hear me out..... and ur deck is empty and and u draw plain rune losses
ON  Card - Bedeviling Scamp8 months ago 0
this card says F you to Therana and Pathunaax(dont know if i spelled right) it literary makes a shout deck or amd action deck painfull



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