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endurance intelligence Mid-range Sorcerer 9 wins in Gauntlet
By: Yuki Forest
endurance willpower Bones of Will
By: Yuki Forest
endurance agility Bones of Venom
By: Yuki Forest

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ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Slay Ebonheart6 months ago Edited 6 months ago   +5
There is no way to drop Elytra/Felldew. Instead, I would add one more copy. People still don't seem to realize how useful it can be. Thanks to this, I've killed so many nasty fatties with puny 1/1s like countless times. People almost never expect this and lose their precious piece from a sudden lethal attack. Sure, Elytra Noble is meh for 6 magicka but it's not like helplessly useless. Rather, 4/6 Lethal is probably more preferable than a 6/6 vanilla in this build.
ON  Card - Hallowed Deathpriest1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +3
Pretty difficult card to evaluate. Can be super nasty and effective when cast at the right timing but it doesn't work all the time. Even considering that downside, I still think the ability is rewarding enough to compensate its low base stats. One more good thing is that it has a skeleton tag, which is applicable to the Bone Colossus and Skeleton Champion buffs and it makes a little more compensation.
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ON  Card - Little Girl2 years ago +5
Maybe a bit underrated. It's indeed vulnerable to both Execute and Firebolt and can be a scrap of paper when silenced but once it turns into its true form (in the shadow lane in most cases), it can be a pretty nasty creature that's worth way more than its cost. Given the wide popularity of Moonlight Werebat which is also pretty brittle, I think it should be attracting some more attention.
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ON  Card - Skeletal Dragon2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +1
I love both the design and the amazing art. It was the first card I was planning to get immediately after the release.
The summon ability made me hope for a lot more grave-associated cards coming out of the set.
However, as it turns out, soul tear is the only card that synergize with it.
There should be more cards that can pull back lots of creatures from the discard pile, otherwise, his summon ability won't have much of the meaning.
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ON  Card - Journey to Sovngarde2 years ago +1
Another difficult card to assess. Maybe we are a bit blinded by its huge impact. Although it is indeed an impactful card, it has no immediate effect whatsoever.
It would be fine when the board is clear, but If you are in a tight spot, you will be killed before you benefit from this.



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