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ON  Deck - [30-0 Match History] Mid-Rage Guildsworn3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +3
This deck is really cool. With some help from another excellent player, I'm starting to feel like I kind of understand how to play this deck now :) I agree with others about Vanus Galerion, I have had it as a dead card in my hand in far too many games, and only cast him once. It did come in handy that one time though. I needed to get rid of a pesky 4 health guard, and I had 12 magicka exactly and a Vanus and a Rapid Shot in hand, so I cast Vanus, Rapid Shot the guard and draw another card, then at the end of turn Vanus finishes off the guard and draws me 3 more cards, and I went on to win the game. I also happened to use Laaneth to tutor up the Rapid Shot the turn before, knowing that it was my best play for the following turn to be able to Vanus + Rapid Shot and replenish my hand, etc. So he's not useless, but more often than not I don't have an action I can cast on the same turn as Vanus, since he's so expensive, and he just gets removed if I play him and try to wait until the following turn to make a play. I'd probably like to replace him with something else as well, but not sure what. At the same 11 cost, why not Miraak (I just like that card)? Most recommendations I've seen are for another Cradlecrush, or something in the lower end of the curve, like a 2-drop. So I dunno. I would love to know what might work here!

Some cards I thought about replacing Vanus with (I'm terrible at this kind of thing, though, so I would love some advice on what to include and if my ideas are bad here):

Wildfire Dragon: Seems like a good card to use an Unstoppable Rage on.
Therana: There's a lot of actions in this deck, and drawing more free copies of some of them could come in real handy, especially if you can create free copies of Rage to come in handy in a later turn where you might want to cast a wolf, giant, etc and then Rage it on the same turn, which is otherwise impossible to do.
Miraak, Dragonborn: Just like this card a lot in control and sometimes in this deck I certainly wouldn't mind drawing it.
Odahviing: Essentially the same reason for Miraak. I dunno.
Wilds Incarnate: This card comes in handy very frequently for me in this deck, I often find myself having gotten to cast both Mooses and draw at least 1 card off each of them in a game, and find myself thinking I wouldn't have minded drawing a third one! But this one seems like the worst of my ideas, I dunno.

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ON  Deck - Fleeting Apparition Legend Ramp (Updated)2 months ago +3
I'm thinking of playing this soon. I don't think I'm going to craft Emperor Titus for this, would you agree he can be fairly easily replaced in this list? That's 1 spot for a Necromancer. What else would you recommend most replacing with the other 2 Necromancers? I assume based on your comments you made some of these slight modifications to the list, and I was curious what you settled on. I am thinking of getting rid of two Spirit Knives to make room for the other 2 Necromancers.

What are your target creatures for the Cruel Fireblooms? Assuming it's primarily Black Hand Messengers and Telvanni Catspaws to trigger their last gasps?

Why not somehow make room for a 3rd Territorial Viper, Piercing Twilight, and/or Shadowfen Priest? Feels weird having a decklist that doesn't seem to prioritize consistency by having so many non-3-ofs, but what do I know? I never made a good decklist in my life :)
ON  Deck - NAMIRA'S PARTY2 months ago +1
acampbell11 wrote:
Let's wait till the new expansion and I will build a new, killer version, yes?

OK, I can wait for that haha. Thanks!
ON  Deck - [Legendary] Elsweyr Reanimate Dragon Control2 months ago +2
Hey, you said this has a 75 win rate on ladder? Or in casual? Someone up above called it a meme deck and not to craft it. Now I don't know what to believe haha. It looks fun and I happen to have most of the cards already, so I am tempted to try this out and craft the rest (need Skeleton Dragons, that's it!). But I want to play on ladder right now, not in casual...
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ON  Deck - NAMIRA'S PARTY2 months ago +1
acampbell11 wrote:
We will need to revisit it, for sure.

How valuable will Thieves Guild Fences be in general after the round of nerfs that are coming (not that particular card, but every decklist I can find that has Fences in it seems to have one or more of Namira's Shrines, Transitus Shrines, Disciple of Namira,which are all getting nerfed, so I wonder if any competitive decks will still want the Fences after the nerfs come)?

I want to try this deck, and I have all cards except the Fences. Not sure it's worth crafting them still...
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