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ON  Deck - [Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin8 months ago Edited 8 months ago   +5
Man, I don't understand all the positive reviews here. I barely win 40% of the games with this deck at r5, cannot believe anyone makes it to legend with this, let alone supposedly win 20 games in a row. Will try it for a little bit longer and see if it was just bad luck (and bad draws), but so far I'm not convinced....
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ON  Deck - %70WR - Guildsworn Champion Conscription8 months ago Edited 8 months ago   +3
I've tried it for a few days, but am not convinced. Win ratio is a meagre 60%.
ON  Deck - SUPER SURRENDER MAGE7 months ago +1
acampbell11 wrote:
Also, you could be playing poorly.

That's also an option I have considered. I am still undecisive about that one. Truth is I struggle more on the lower ranks than everything >r5. Maybe it's me, maybe it's much more competitive ranks, don't know...

acampbell11 wrote:
There are many elements in play here that make more sense than calling me a liar.

Never called you a liar, just wrote how I feel about the deck. And just like you, I don't need anyone's approval either.
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ON  Deck - SUPER SURRENDER MAGE7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +1
That sounds good, but with what deck exactly? I've played games where this deck is totally being owned, so please accept my apologies if I have some scepcis about your succes rate with this particular deck.

FYI: I'm not insinuating it's a bad deck at all, in fact it's much better than many other decks on this forum, but I'm seeing totally different results in much lower ranks. It feels like the WR is being exaggerated. The deck is 100% the same, haven't made any adjustments to it in case you were wondering.
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ON  Deck - SUPER SURRENDER MAGE7 months ago +1
WR of 60% at r7. Decent deck, but I can't believe this will ever get you to Legend without grinding 8hrs a day...
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