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agility willpower [#1 jul16] wax/wane strike monk
By: eyenie
agility willpower Monk's strike Monk
By: eyenie
Monk's strike Hlaalu, #1 April
By: eyenie
Telvanni conscription
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strength agility Sovngarde rage archer
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ON  Deck - [#1 jul16] wax/wane strike monk3 months ago +23
Admins plz ban this clown. There is a limit for everything
ON  Deck - [#1 jul16] wax/wane strike monk3 months ago +18
omg acambell11 what a sick troll you are. Give me a favour plz don't post comments in my decks never again. Im tired to read all bullshit you post.

I dont care about popularity, i dont earn money from this game, i just do it for fun.

And I'm not a female, i stream with webcam on twitch sometimes
ON  Deck - [#1 jul16] wax/wane strike monk3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   +19
acampbell11 happened :). I answered on his hate comment in another of my decks, yeah not a very polite comment from me, but whatever:

Now he and his army of clones attacks me like I do care about it:
ON  Deck - [#1 jul16] wax/wane strike monk3 months ago +8
Hey, any cards you like in that mana cost. I would consider pawnbroker/wili kee'va + gray viper brigand / golden initiate
This deck is bad, without idea and synegry at all: playing treeminders without hist groves, commanders with tokens, no aoes, no mantikoras or hive defenders, dawnstar healers in defensive deck, a lot of bad cards, etc.
Looks like a troll deck with troll comments to me.
Stay away from this deck guys, don't craft anything for it.
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