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agility willpower Monk's strike Monk
By: eyenie
Monk's strike Hlaalu, #1 April
By: eyenie
Telvanni conscription
By: eyenie
strength agility Sovngarde rage archer
By: eyenie
Redoran Conscription
By: eyenie

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This deck is bad, without idea and synegry at all: playing treeminders without hist groves, commanders with tokens, no aoes, no mantikoras or hive defenders, dawnstar healers in defensive deck, a lot of bad cards, etc.
Looks like a troll deck with troll comments to me.
Stay away from this deck guys, don't craft anything for it.
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This deck just can't work, you have weak early game, you won't be able to answer threats from any midrange/agro deck, coz you play 2/2, 3/3 for 3 magicka, 3/4, 4/4 for 4 magicka, 3/3 for 6 magicka etc. You'll be dead on turn 7.
You'll die to single atromancer with this deck. You just don't have answers for it.
Any ramp scout will outvalue you.
And what do we have, the deck which loses to every single deck in format. Probably it can compete on ranks 5+ non legend.
ON  Deck - #4 January Item Battlemage1 year ago +7
Thanks for fair comment. Just checked my winrate - 25-5 in my last games, currently #4 Legend. Probably you play it wrong.
ON  Deck - Telvanni shout control1 year ago +7
I made #1 legend with this piece of junk (100+ games). Played it 2 days ago with decent winrate too.
If you have problems in some matchups, just write about it, I'll try to help. As for now i see 0 arguments and a lot of emotions.
ON  Deck - Monk's strike Hlaalu, #1 April1 year ago +3
It was the same deck, tested a lot of cards. Meta became much faster and I had to change them for more defensive options: giants, pets, and gambits.



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