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agility intelligence Mages Guild Retreat
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ON  Deck - Legends Orcs3 weeks ago +1
What's the matchup against wispraiders like?
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ON  Deck - Old School Archer 2 weeks ago +1
Congratulations! Glad you liked the deck and it helped you climb to legend! I like kinsmen a lot, the burn version with kinsmen and 7x chargers works very well :)
ON  Deck - Top 10 Tempo Assassin2 weeks ago +1
This deck is way too fast for ungolim, as it wants to curve out at atro to kill opponent. By then it is unlikely to draw an assassin and ungolim only becomes a 1/1. It also only runs 6 cycle cards and doesn't take advantage of pings as archer does.
ON  Deck - Prophecy Wispmother OTK4 months ago 0
It's just a fun deck really, does well against aggro, but somewhat struggles against control if the player knows what you're doing. It can always lose when it doesn't hit prophecies or find it's combo in time. It can be competitive, as I have won with it in legend, but obviously not enough to hit the top of legend as there are many control decks at the top and they often heal too much for you to OTK them.
ON  Deck - OTK Ping Archer - Very Fun3 months ago Edited 3 months ago   0
Love your deck man! You were quite right about skulks not quite fitting in because they often don't get to hit and so they don't help cycle. (though when they do hit, they are amazing) The concept of 'pinging' your opponent death is quite hilarious, and the surprise factor of this deck is its real strength. I cut the shifts and added spinners to help fight the board, ungolim over a sharpshooter because of the heavy cycle. The hardest thing about this deck is counting lethal - sometimes I just go all in and hope for the best.



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