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Clickbait 12 wins Grand Melee Merric
By: Makeees
strength agility Archer (2)
By: Makeees
strength agility May Morag Tong (Hircine) Archer
By: Makeees
intelligence willpower Lava lava atronach
By: Makeees
neutral With
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ON  News - Import Collection from the Game5 months ago +2
Thanks a lot to SparkyPants for implementing this and for their help.

ON  Deck - Hunter Killer Control1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +2
Played a few games, it seems to struggle thou. Some of the7 mana cards tend to stuck in my hand doing nothing most of the time. Guess I should play more to get into it, but I may just build a similar archer version instead.

P.S. This one game went off. 2 of the Gortwogs were summoned by themselves. Check out: https://prnt.sc/hlaesp
ON  Deck - Lethal Guards1 year ago +1
Glad I helped.:]
Yeah, experimenting is always a way to improve your skills while not always improving the deck itself.
ON  Deck - My Budget Shout (Advice Helpful)1 year ago +1
This looks solid. I think you could improve it with a bit more lategame. Not sure what 7+ cost cards do you have, but even Volkihar Lord could be a nice finisher.

The dragon synergy is a bit clunky, I guess you could replace Fighters Guild Recruits with Reflective Automatons althou they would probably end up worse.
ON  Deck - Midrange Sorcerer Post-Morrowind1 year ago +1
Is Doomcrag any good here?



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