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ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #15 months ago +2
>>>The very first cards from the upcoming set: Isle of Madness have been revealed through a special card: Madness Beckons.

Madness Beckons + Cheesemancer are not part of Isle of Madness. They are listed as Promotional card (in the ingame filter)
ON  Deck - Monk (Skyrim): Animal1 year ago 0
To fit the theme, I've replaced both the cards with:-
Mundus Stone
Tusked Bristleback (Animal) :)
ON  Deck - Assassin (Skyrim): Shackle1 year ago 0
Welcome :)
ON  Deck - Scout (FrostSpark): Slay 5 months ago 0
Thanks for the input. The Brotherhood sanctuary (3 cards) is in the deck actually (on top)



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