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ON  Card - Crusader's Assault1 year ago +3
Hint for people who (like me) didn't at first catch the true beauty of this card: if you slay and then pilfer (due to the breakthrough) you draw two cards.
ON  Deck - Super Best Conscription Ever3 months ago +3
There is one ^^'
ON  Deck - Keyword Mid Sorc3 months ago +2
What about Galyn to create more sisters?
ON  Deck - token crusader1 year ago +1
Nice deck and nice yesterday TESL Champion Series show-off.
Congratulations ;-).

For people who wants to see how the deck works in practice: game-1, game-2.

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ON  Card - Rift Thane1 year ago 0
No, it is not. I suppose it works the same as for every creature when you choose keyword (but here it is done automatically) so it is counted as gained "after summon". To make this quest you have to summon creatures that have breakthrough as a "natural" keyword.



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