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I'm a fan player of TCG, ITCG and real card game.
If you need some advice on meta game, decks or cards don't hesitate (i'll be glad to help ^^ ).
"There will always be (wo)men to sink other (wo)men and push them to the end" - Albert Dupontel

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ON  News - New version of Legends coming Tuesday, September 251 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +4
Hello everybody!

Here is a feedback of my impressions on the new version of TESL, based on my own point of view and experience (this may not have been the case for everyone).

Profile informations:
  • + Better organization and more visible informations (news, daily quest, PO, soul stone, ticket)
  • + I love the spooky scary skeleton face fot the graveyard icon ^^
  • - Titles bug that I realized personnally (some was disactivated and earned after 1 match except "the lucky woman" => bad luck...)
  • - Too much purple in the background
  • + Some interaction with the battlefield like Hearthstone
  • + Amazing aesthetic and ambiance work especially on the action cards
  • - Some mechanics work poorly
  • - Sometimes brief lag
  • + The cards scrolling is much more fluid and fast (pleasant because there are a lot of cards)
  • + The outline of the legendary cards is great
  • + Premium version cards is generally more net and visible
  • - Only the % collection is visible (there is no more the number of cards possessed/total number of cards)
Deck building:
  • + Cards research is fluid and fast
  • - ATTENTION! Blackwood Distiller was removed from all my deck build (see if you don't have the same issue with other cards)
Daily reward:
  • + The day of maintenance was taken into account for the end of the month

Congratulations! Both on the technical and aesthetic work that it must have required ; not easy to change the whole design and user interface and we will have to get used to it.
However, this is still work on some bugs to fix step by step and some ingame mechanics that run poorly.

I hope you enjoy this summary.
Good game everyone! (we will see each other for the "Isle of Madness" expansion)

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ON  News - Frostspark Collection: New cards revealed #41 year ago +5
I agree with you Nicolas Lessard (Wilson) Torval Extortionist is equal in power compare to Highland Lurcher and have a good effect, need to reduce his power to 5 or increase his cost to 6 at least.

Green Pact Ambusher is powerfull (like every red card Graystone Ravager+) but the issue is his UNIQUE effect:
His effect is applied at the hand of the opponent turn and can't be cancelled.
That mean you could perform a lethal strikeback at the next turn.

Need some evident balance in future because "a great power implies great responsibility".

ON  News - New Expansion coming: Houses of Morrowind1 year ago +7
Nice expansion with so much possibility as usual.

13 days to save some $gold$

It will be the occasion to see if the gods can bleed ;)
ON  News - October Daily Login Rewards2 years ago +14
So let's count:
- 2 rares cards / 2 epics cards / 1 legendary card
- 2 standards boosters packs / 1 HoS booster pack (=> 300 golds)
- 3 events tickets (=> 450 golds)
- 300 golds
- 390 souls gems

It's a good deal, just by loggin every day for one month ! (i'm glad to see what legenary card i'll have)
ON  News - November 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Frenzied Alit11 months ago +3
Just a comment, Frenzied Alit has 3 health points (not two as written in the article) otherwise it won't survive Sword of the Inferno or other dommage ;)

It's good but i prefer Raging Horker effect, better synergy possibility



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