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strength agility Raging.
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ON  Deck - SirChoate's Midrange Doomcrag1 year ago +1
I started around 15% winrate and now I end with 46% winrate, so I got better with it.
0% against assassin, 100% against crusader mage and monk, 33% against archer. Spellsword is 50%. My opinion right now is that the deck is very good, but that unfortunately the counters to this deck are also very frequent : archers, assassins, and I guess scout too.

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ON  Deck - SirChoate's Midrange Doomcrag1 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
I just tried this deck. I'm more used to playing a strength token doomcrag and I like this one deck too. It has been good against legend players, and I agree that it's better overall than other doomcrag decks right now. But still I was beaten on my way from rank 2 to rank 1 so far and I say your opponents really matter, I find those assassin decks counter this deck much more than when I play a archer. Also Belligerant Giant doesn't do the job for me, it helped me win for only a few games, the problem being his weakness to Ancano and other summon effects, while also having low hp. Why not the 7/7 cost 6 protecting from spells damage ?
ON  Deck - Token Warrior 2 years ago 0
I really enjoy playing this deck, Doomcrag Vampire is a very funny card and the combo with the strength cards in this deck like Grahtwood Ambusher are difficult to land because of the high mana cost but very rewarding ! I don't have these 6 giants in my deck, i have only 1 Vigilant Giant, and the games are really close and fun. I'm rank 1 thanks to it, so its a strong deck.
Dont hesitate to craft Doomcrag and the epic cards that combo with it, its very worth it !
ON  Deck - Token Warrior 1 year ago 0
I wonder how we could play this deck now with that northwind outpost nerf...
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