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No, UDT project is dead.
ON  Deck - Blackfall's Support Mage - January 20181 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
just played against a couple altars. also lost to journey... never single time i lost to aggro though. they just concede most of the time once i get my healz going. thanks to a couple of aggro decks got boosted to 55% winrate

started to encounter a lot of mirrors as well as some versions of the deck with minor differences. saw even support crusader. lost em all. winrate down to 45%. gonna give up on this deck. i just need ~200-ish legend and forget about ranked till next month. going back to the previous, less rng decks i've played.
mirrors always draw some kind of skeewers and outlast me. i never got anything crazy from winderhold in any game. same for wabba.
ON  Deck - Blackfall's Support Mage - January 20181 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
played against control mage. copied his mechanical heart, made him discard his. I got my 1st support-related card only at turn ~20 though. He stole my wabba and laaneth (and created for himself a 10/10 dude with 3rd charge of wabba) it was all fine still but I lost due to no cards in deck... (he played journey that i was able to beat, minion-wise).
Overall he played 2 miraaks, 4 paarthurnaxes, 4 laaneths. All of which I was able to beat
So sad. I like mages and this is a fun deck, but my winrate is at 53% while with more classic control mage it is 70+ pre-legend and 60+ after.
Edit: maybe i should add journey.. if i had it i would have won... (assuming he wouldn't steal it)

Edit2: tbh this is the same problem as with scout - soul tear that paarth gave him. they should remove this card from the game. then things will be balanced again, Without it i would beat him 2 times with my single deck :D
Edit3: soul tear should be:
1: get a non-legendary minion from discard pile with the cost 4 or less
2: same, but 8 or less
3: any cost but still non-legendary.
and no buffs.
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ON  Deck - Aggro - tempo war. WR 72% to climb legend.2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +2
after some more testing, it looks like you need to be very lucky to beat all these control mages and hist grove decks. and this is what you play against most of the time at ranks 4+ (or be lucky to not encounter them).
If these control decks don't have a total crap hand or you was a tiny bit unlucky, this deck is not fast enough for them and has literally no removal/damage from hand or comeback potential. You often end up losing while failing to deal that last 8hp damage because whatever they find some drain, remove all your board with 1 card and so on
So you probably was on a lucky streak if you reached legend with this.

Edit: just played against hist groves again. yep to beat them you need to be quite lucky.
1: If you don't have a silence ready for their taunts and supports and can play it right after them - you lose your chances to win even before they reach 15 magicka
2: there are no removals or damage from hand. Since Hist decks have a lot more
magicka they play OP shit like Preserver of the root, which is essentially 4mana 6/6 taunt that you have hard time dealing with. Or dark guardian, which is so overstated for its mana... or thorn histmage...
3: this deck is not fast enough. Not to mention that you are forced to mulligan for shadowfen priest that sits in your hand till turn5, because if you won't remove their supports ASAP you lose, which makes your hand even slower.
4: no real win condition. Maybe you can call Sower of Revenge a win condition in this match-up, but Hist Grove decks run silence too so often it doesn't do damage. Reive is not doing much, he has hard time getting past huge taunts, usually his effect procs no more than once before he is removed. But you can't count on him anyway since you may never draw him at all. Other minions are pretty trashy and getting killed against taunt walls or removed efficiently because you have no time to fight for board, you must go face-face-face to win before they gained enough magicka. Giants are pretty useless. At 7 magicka if you are winning, you are likely want some different card. Maybe Sower of revenge or a few smaller minions on different lanes. If you are losing - it will not help you, It will buy you 1 turn at best. Because at your 7 magicka they are likely 10+ already even if you removed one of the hist groves.

In other words, deck is not really viable past rank 4. Some gimmicky miracle decks have just as much success as this one, are more fun to play and may have a comeback potential.

On your stats:
You encountered ramp scout only 3 times and 3 times won. That's just a pure luck. They are more common than control mages and some of the other decks.
Your control mage stats don't seem real. When you play against them, at turn 6 usually most of your board is gone and everything you play is getting removed pretty easily. Unless you play Sowers one after another from turn5 all the time, you won't achieve such winrate. Reive at turn4 rekts them, but drawing him right when you need/can play him out of 50 cards is a luck. It is nice when it happens but you can't count on it.

I can't deny that this deck may have worked initially. But since this deck is so straightforward and has literally no surprises, at high ranks it is not working.
ON  Deck - Blackfall's Support Mage - January 20181 year ago Edited 1 year ago   +1
Blackfall wrote:
Didn't see a lot of BML during my climb :/ You just have to hard mulligan for Wabbajack or Laaneth (which will give you Wabba). If you haven't seen one of those two during your last 14 games, you must be incredibly unlucky :D
I actually had wabba on 15th game right after i posted that. it was also with scout too. managed to clear 6 leviathans and 12/12 paarth with 2 dawns (still got 24 damage to the face). then got destroyed by bats that were summoned 6 times
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