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ON  News - Frostspark Collection: New cards revealed #41 year ago +1
Can't see how Green Pact Ambusher is Greystone Ravager+. It has Guard, which makes it exempt from the capability of hiding in the shadow lane for a turn, a skill that Greystone Ravager has that allows it to connect to lethal many times for me. The skill to appear on a full lane is powerful, can't deny that.
ON  News - New Story Expansion: Return to Clockwork City2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   +1
No, it's more like this:
T1 Ratway Prospector
T2 Crown Quartermaster, Steel Dagger
T3 Cunning Ally and its hopeful trigger
And you need to hope that one cards drawn at the start of your turn on T2 and T3 is a support. (Currently the only support-specific draw effect in the game is Dagi-Raht Mystic)

Honestly, I don't know how people think that it's going to be just one of them. It needs to fill everything in the shopping list first before the effect works.

Also, does anyone think T2 7/7 is a good idea? Dire Wolf Digital of all people will know better.
ON  News - New Story Expansion: Return to Clockwork City2 years ago +1
Corsair Ship equips the item directly, it never draws you the item (or more properly worded, "enters your hand"). But Strength is the number one on putting items in your hand, with Plunder and Battlefield Scrounger comes to mind.
ON  Card - Wabbajack2 years ago +3
Wabbajack, flavor so thick you'll think you're drowning in Sweetrolls.
ON  News - Heroes of Skyrim Cards revealed Part.102 years ago +3
Hermorah wrote:
ikr, but isnt it just a way weaker version of shadow shift?

That's the price of being a neutral. Knife to the Throat is also overpriced, but it gives non-Strength non-Endurance deck an access to silence.



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