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Godless Telvanni (namira,fleeting,sacrifice)
By: godlesskoti

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ON  Card - Tel Vos Magister1 year ago +1
just for fun i used one of theese in my telvanni/tribunal decks...before the nerf it remained in my hand countless times never had enough mana to use it because of the aggressive red decks...if i waste all my mana on this sh*t so early im allready dead.
after the nerf "rework" i dont even consider put it in my deck,saved me from the struggle to use it or not ^^
otherwise! give me back the full price of soul shards,this is definetly not what i payed for,and for all other cards you irresponsibly published and changed. /thanks
ON  Card - Haunted Manor1 year ago 0
insanely OP! got no counter because of the low mana cost... a too common situation when my opponent plays this at turn 2 with mana gem and i cant do sh*t till 5 cost shadowfen priest what i have to waste on something else or i allready lost. this is 3 free turns to spawn 3 insanely op low cost creature (like turn 3 with gem.: thieves guild recruit+mournhold traitor) with cards exists like this a divine fervor for 5 mana should give 2/2 instead of 1/1
ON  Card - Razum-Dar4 months ago 0
look, for 7 mana you draw a card if you hit face and destroy a rune and you also draw a card as you pass on the turn...before it can be removed!



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