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I like control. Monk in particular. And Altar of Despair is sooooo juicy ;)
I began playing Elder Scrolls Legends in the beginning of March 2017, and I've been attracted to the game ever since!
Ryan Schmitz

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agility willpower Monk of the Altar
By: Ryan Schmitz
agility willpower Control Altar Monk
By: Ryan Schmitz

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ON  Deck - Blackfall's Mage Control - April 20172 years ago +2
I like the deck, but I have a hard time justifying 3 Fateweavers. More playtime with it and I'm sure I'll understand.
ON  Deck - WispSkeever/Cycle battlemage 2 years ago +1
Interesting idea! I like the deck a lot, and I'll be trying it soon.
ON  Deck - Fantastic Fours - Legend Rank Deck2 years ago +1
Fantastic deck and fun to play! Thanks for another cool deck :)
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ON  Deck - [TFotDB] Temple of Akatosh (Master) 2 years ago +2
Looks fun I'll have to try it :)
ON  Deck - Baroness ramp scout (legend deck)2 years ago +1
Why no Tazkad?
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