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ON  Thread - Stuck at rank 5 / help 2 years ago +2
Solair3 wrote:
There you have it sir, and good luck: Demotivator 

You find explantion here:

Unfortunately I haven't had much luck with it so far, won my first two games but have lost every game since. I'm short a lot of the cards though, so I'm sure that's a big part of it. Missing: Ungolim, Necklace x 2, Mammoth x 2, Preserver x 1, Night Shadow x 1, BML x 2.
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ON  Thread - Stuck at rank 5 / help 2 years ago +2
Thanks, I look forward to trying it out!

I also discovered this deck yesterday. I'm missing a bunch of the cards, but still went 6-0 with it last night/this morning:

Green/Red Control-Combo
ON  Thread - Stuck at rank 5 / help 2 years ago +3
DarkVaati wrote:
Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Of course there's no point in wasting your time in a game mode you don't enjoy, but on the other hand arena just makes the difference in terms of game progression.

Nonetheless, I encourage you to give another try to Solo Arena. It gets fairly easy to exploit once you understand how the AI works, and the rewards are just too good to pass up. With a 9 wins run, you may get up to 3 card packs and a bunch of gems at virtually zero cost, because with the rank up reward you do also recover 150+ total gold. It's too much of a resource boost for a F2P to entirely skip it.

The only thing you need to understand is that the AI will always go face except if it has a warded creature able to kill one of yours for free, or if you do already have lethal damage for the next turn and needs to survive. So you just need to draft very aggressively (only 1-4 costs except occasional bigger guards), make constant favorable trades until stabilizing and then just win.

Thanks so much for the AI tips! I played Solo last night, picked mage, followed your drafting advice and went 9-2 = two packs + enough gold to play again.
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ON  Thread - Stuck at rank 5 / help 2 years ago +2
Solair3 wrote:
SS is history for me. Im currently rank 4 - I have abandoned SS and control mage, and play budget scouts with 50-50 win rate. I also experiment with crusader deck. In other words, I dont try to control the board, I rush face and pray that opponent gets demotivated with my drain creatures.

Can you show/link me an example of the budget scout you've had success with? Tks.
ON  Thread - Stuck at rank 5 / help 2 years ago +2
Enu Lun wrote:
Solair3 wrote:
Me too! I fought arena was so friciking difficult, now I'm rank 4, (in solo), and I wont stop till I reach level one in solo. Good value for money.

I wish you good and better luck than I had. I played solo Arena a lot with good result until I reached rank 3. There I was suddenly crushed by the AI's ridiculous card draw and starting conditions time after time. I tried a couple of times, with hardly any wins at all. I might have had some terrible card draws, but I gave up regardless, and have played Vs Arena since then.

Yep, I had the same experience. At rank 3 the AI no longer can be expected to always go face and it starts making smart trades along with it's ridiculous card draw. It's a waste of 150g and time now IMHO. Too bad.



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