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endurance agility [#2 Legend] Ramp Scout
By: Wilhelmyang
intelligence willpower Last dance of the thief mage
By: Wilhelmyang
intelligence willpower Dirty/Stealing/Thief Mage - Definitive Edition
By: Wilhelmyang
intelligence willpower Thief Mage
By: Wilhelmyang
intelligence willpower Support Mage
By: Wilhelmyang

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ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY: Last 26 cards revealed1 year ago +3
Please add them to the deck builder soon! Can't wait to draft some decks now!
ON  Deck - Legend Combo Assassin2 years ago +1
Dude I love this deck!!! I replaced two CTCs with Divayth Fyr and a Supreme Atromancer for prolonged battles. Although it is FDB era now this deck is still powerful. So I am wondering are you going to make some FDB modification to it?
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ON  Deck - Mid Tempo Assassin1 year ago +5
LoganStar4 wrote:
You'd be surprised how good swift strike is when you have it. It lets you move around guards and you get a draw out of it. I've been playing a slightly budgeted version of this deck (no daggerfalls), so you desperately need the draw.
Well I think you are talking about Shadow Shift...
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ON  News - New Story Expansion: Return to Clockwork City1 year ago +3
That's what Nahkriin said.
ON  Deck - Last dance of the thief mage10 months ago +1
Actually I see my deck as a fun deck too as it is an auto concede to 2nd aggro. But I will post it! Have fun with it!



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