Lethal Archer (updated)

By: pautz
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 11600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the latest Version of my Lethal Archer deck, with which I played to legend in July and went 9-1 in the latest Rumble Gauntlet, as well as another 9 win run in the previous one.

This deck can play fairly aggressive, but is slower than most Midrange decks. In these match-ups, you often find yourself in the role of the Control player. You have a ton of hard removal, but the lack of AoE sometimes requires to take value trade (more often than not you will have to trade a 4/4 into a 1/1 or something similar).

Edit: Still up to date.

Edit 2: Updated for RCC. Cut Rapid Shots and Deepwood Trapper as well as 1 Baroness, included Brynjof, Freebooter, Sails and 3rd Shadow Shift.

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genn5k 1 year ago
Works pretty well, since you have quite a few cards without lethal I did swap out the moonlight werebats for leaflurkers. I find the board control ability of leaflurker to be a bit more useful in the context of this deck than the werebats.

Also putting thought into swapping out the daring cutpurse for mournhold traitor, might experiment with that a bit, still it's a nice deck.

Edit: After some experimentation, cutpurse can snowball pretty well in this deck since with lethal everywhere you can remove threats to it rather easily. So I'll likely not swap it for mournhold.

have you considered unstoppable rage in this deck? 90% of the time you will wipe out one of their lanes. seems MUCH more powerful in this deck than eclipse baroness
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The problem with unstoppable rage is that unlike Eclipse Baroness, it can be a dead card just sitting in your hand waiting on value. Like yourself, I tried to run unstoppable in this list and it just ended up a dead card most of the time. Baroness on the other hand would always bring immediate value and put a threat on the board.
from rank 9 to 5, 16 wins and 3 loses. fun deck tho
rlee 1 year ago
nice, really fun deck to play!
Great deck! Currently 8-0, brought me from Rank 2 to 1 after I was stuck! Thx!
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