Budget re-summon mage

By: MuffinOrDie
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 8000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Table of content:
C1: Introduction
C2: General explanation
C3: Tips and tricks, deck strategy
C4: Possible combos, and good combos
C5: Mulligan
C6: Deck cost, packs, and etc.
C7: Card changes and editing
C8: Play-through videos
C9: Finishing thoughts, and words

C1: Introduction

Hello players!

I'm MuffinOrDie, a player who likes to create budget decks and innovative decks.
I started playing TES:L in the closed alpha stage, and came back to the game a few months ago, after I got free time to play again.

C2: General explanation

What is the deck about? Well, the title says it all, but I'll expand: The deck focuses on using low-mid cost cards to re-summon heavier cards, while using other helpful cards to maintain control of the board. The deck has some great early game control cards, such as: Firebolt, Cunning Ally, Execute, Arrow Storm, and Grisly Gourmet. All of these are the core survival mechanism of the early game.

C3: Tips and tricks, deck strategy

The main strategy of the deck is to abuse the summon abilities of cards such as: Grisly Gourmet (in the early-mid game, or vs aggro decks), Conjuration Scholar, Golden Saint, Ancano, Supreme Atromancer, and Paarthurnax.
These are all really powerful cards in general, but as twice as powerful in this specific deck. You would usually like to play cards that have no guard, and are re-summonable in the shadow lane, so your opponent won't be able to target them with attacks (either buffing to kill, or playing charge minions into them. Conjuration Scholar is a safe play in both lanes, because he summons a 5/5 body to defend him, and your opponent would probably target him with removals as fast as possibe, once he figures out your strategy.

C4: Possible combos, and good combos

Now to the most important part: how the hell do you perform with the deck?
Ok, so there are more then a few ways to play the deck. The main combos you will want to use are:

1. Close Call key "summon" cards to play them again (most obvious one). I sometimes unsummon a friendly creature the same turn I play it, if I suspect my opponent has any hard removals (usually for Ancano, or Conjuration Scholar).

2. A Night To Remember is slightly tricky, because it shackles your creature after it returns to the other lane. I usually combo it with Conjuration Scholar When I need to drop a Guard creature on the other lane. Other than that, I combo it with anything that I don't need to be attacking on my next turn, or if I'm in a risk for taking lethal damage on my opponent's turn.

3. Dark Rebirth and Winterhold Illusionist are almost the same card (except that Dark Rebirth doesn't leave a 3/3 body on the field). The main difference between the 2 is that Winterhold Illusionist's target returns at THE END of your turn. which means that if you target, for example, Wardcrafter to give another creature ward, it won't happen until the end phase of your turn, rendering the effect (in most cases) useless or less productive.
If you want to have a more instant effect, you can first use Dark Rebirth, and then play Winterhold Illusionist for maximum value.

4. Might be the most obvious one, but even I sometimes forget it, let aside new players: attack with your creature before you re-summon it. It is best to trade in your favor (which means either going face, or killing a creature that won't kill your creature back), and then re-summon. Why? Because when you re-summon a creature the game considers it as a "fresh" creature, aka it won't get "charge" all of a sudden (unless, it's its keyword). But, and it's a big "but", if you have a better trade (a double death trade, for example) there are plenty of other creatures that synergies with the re-summoning cards in the deck, so no worries.

5. Dark Rebirth + Paarthurnax. If you draw a Soul Tear with Paarthurnax, you can Dark Rebirth him for max value, which is... another Paarthurnax. Dark Rebirth SACRIFICES a card, which means he will get in your discard pile, before re-summoning him again. That makes him a legitimate target for the Soul Tear you might get from him! Thanks to FhireD for bringing it up!

C5: Mulligan

There are not too many mulligan choices. Blood Pact Messenger is the card you will want to start your game with almost all of the time. It's a removal attraction, and it has a strong effect if it goes through. Your opponent will almost always try to stop him from hitting face, so it might play in your advantage, even if you can't hit face with him.
Other good cards to open with: Firebolt, Execute (vs red/green/purple usually), Bruma Profiteer, Cunning Ally.
Other mulligans are meta-dependant, and after the latest patch the meta shifted a little bit, so I need a little time before I can say which other cards are certain keepers.

C6: Deck cost, packs, and etc.

So, as far as you know, the deck costs 8000ish to craft, BUT! It does not! Why? Because you can acquire most of the cards from Ancano's and Paarthurnax's theme decks. Well, to be more precise, mostly from Ancano's. So you will basically need no gems, and only to grind 500 gold to acquire the theme deck.
The only 2 cards from adventures are Close Call, and Blood Pact Messenger, which are not core cards, so you can replace them with Calm, and other 2-drops that you feel you might like more.

C7: Card changes and editing

-2 Bruma Profiteer
-1 Arrow Storm
-1 Cloudrest Illusionist
-1 Shivering Apothecary

+1 High Rock Summoner
+1 Shrieking Harpy
+1 Camlorn Hero
+1 Royal Sage
+1 Thief of Dreams

Explanation of why those changes:

First of all, I wanted to increase the chances I had with Cunning Ally to hit a Firebolt, so I removed some willpower cards, that I found better fitting intelligence cards than them.
I then started testing, and came to these conclusions:

Bruma Profiteer - This change was due to the speed of enemy removing capabilities (the meta now favors aggro decks, more than control). The card was basically used as a 3\2 body, and on rare occasions it found its use.

Arrow Storm - This card was too situational. Sometimes it worked wonders, and sometimes it just got stuck in my hand. I thought about adding 1 more execute instead, but then decided to leave it at 2 copies.

Cloudrest Illusionist - A firm body, but the effect was usually "do nothing" if played on empty board, plus I favored to re-summon other cards, than this one, so I swapped it for Camlorn Hero, which has an immediate impact on the board.

Shivering Apothecary - This was just a filler until I found a better suiting card for its "Summon" ability. Gladly it works better than this one.

High Rock Summoner - No need of too much explanations: the "Summon" ability is great, but the body is pretty weak for a 2-cost card, yet I enjoyed most of the outcomes, especially Flame Atronach, as the deck doesn't run too many 4-cost cards.

Shrieking Harpy - Speaks for itself. A prophecy + an effect that delays enemy creatures for a turn, letting us more room (and time) to breathe.

Camlorn Hero - A strong 4 attack body, that can easily trade with most 3 and 4 cost creatures. Its only disadvantage is that he melts to small low-cost cards like Firebolt, but the "Summon" ability can save us from dirty and unpleasant situations.

Royal Sage - Keywords are important in this deck, especially "Guard" or "Drain", even more so when the entire meta shifted to Strength and item based decks (at least as far as I can see and taste). Even if the ability doesn't trigger - we got a solid 4/4 body that can be re-summoned for its true value later.

Thief of Dreams - Still testing this one, but as far as it seems, this card can be an ace when used correctly. Not only you can get a free card, that might be useful to you, but you can see what your opponent has in his hand, information that is super valuable in every situation. The recent nerf to its stats (5/5 to 4/4) is still concerning a bit. Still testing it, but as of now - it looks promising (although it needs some skill and deck knowledge in order to succeed with the effect).

Thanks to Chpgreenlanternsquirrel for bringing up some options on this topic. You made my work a bit easier :)

C8: Play-through videos
Here are some play-through videos I recorded so far (will be adding more, and updating as I update the deck further).
Sadly, I can't embed videos in this site, so I'll have to use links:

Game 1

Game 2

C9: Finishing thoughts, and words

I hope you enjoyed my deck and guide. I really look forward to keep updating the deck, and working on it to perfection (as far as "budget" goes). Feel free leaving card suggestions and thoughts in the comments, I will enjoy reading them and replying to them!

See you in the updates, and my next decks :)

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jebban 9 months ago
Any replacements for Shivering Apothecary? I've replaced her with another Cloudrest illusionist for now
1 Reply
Any other 4 drop that either has a good summon ability, a prophecy, or just a blank creature with good stats. It doesn't have to be a 4 drop, but it's preferable to keep the magicka curve balance :)
This may be the most fun I have had playing a deck yet! I have some premium cards, but not the Madhouse collection. I added a Daggerfall Mage and Divayth Fyr instead. Just had a match where I spammed 3 Frost Atronachs in the same turn. Great times!
1 Reply
The best part of the deck is that if your opponent doesn't prioritize the small bodies - he will get overwhelmed pretty quickly. He also needs to get all the atronachs before doing so to be safe haha
Glad you like it :)
Breye 9 months ago
Great deck!! Ty for share ^^
1 Reply
Thank you! You're more than welcome!
This deck depends too heavily on lucky card draw.
1 Reply
MuffinOrDie 9 months ago
Sorry to hear. What do you mulligan for? The magicka curve is pretty balanced for the early game :)
FhireD 9 months ago
Thanks for sharing, I really like your deck. You didn't tell for noobs (I'm one), dark rebirth is more than cool with paarthurnax since you can instantly add a second one if you picked a soul tear after invocking him.
1 Reply
First of all, you're welcome :)
Secondly, yes, you are right, I forgot to mention it, since the deck has no purple to it in general (besides paarthurnax's effect, that might draw you Soul Tear). I will add it to the guide, thanks :)
many many thanks for this deck, my first consistent wins since i started playing. amazing!
1 Reply
Thank you :)
I'm happy to help, and even happier that you like it!
tried it out on casual. So far so good...it's challenging and a very different style of game play. Great deck. Thanks!
1 Reply
Thank YOU for encouraging me in writing more decks :)
Thanks for posting. Any suggestions to upgrade/enhance the deck as you build up your collection?
1 Reply
Basically, you can replace "weaker" cards for stronger ones of the same magicka cost that you get. The more "summon" abilities the merrier.
I'm still working on the deck, so the curve might change for the better in the next few days.
What rank you reach?
1 Reply
I don't think that it matters, because I lack the time to grind to legend.
I reached rank 6 with 1 hour of playtime a day, if it concerns you.
GamaEuler 9 months ago
As someone mentioned, it would be nice to consider upgrades in the future. My first deck I played on this game had that feel of summon/unsummon, which lead me to really like Mage. Consider: Ayren, Conjuration tutor, but most important of all, Daggerfall Mage. I don't think there's enough blue for Cunning Ally, but I could be wrong.
1 Reply
The deck is meant to stay as a budget deck, but I will create more expensive decks in the future :)
We can't let the community stay without any viable budget decks, can we? :p
I will update the deck as soon as I find more fitting budget cards, as I tend to test every inch in the deck in order for it to reach perfection.
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