Real Mage of Action!

By: Reaphenex
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 11700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Just something I threw together. I wanted a deck that used Terenus but wasn't reliant on him. There are definitely improvements to be made as I try to improve my deck building skills but this has given me some decent success in the lower ranks.

The basic idea is to try to control the field with the myriad of fire bolts generated from Cunning Ally (Don't be afraid to Dark Rebirth her if you're in a bind. It's won me a few games.) The other reason for Dark rebirth is Ancano. Sometimes you'll need that extra 5 damage to face or to kill a creature in the other lane.

Brutal Asslander.....For the dank memes bruh.

Firebolts....Firebolts everywhere....

Abecean Navigator is to help cycle your cards to allow for more actions to be in your in your hand rather than your deck. Just be cautious of how many cards are in your hand when using it!

Crystal Tower Crafter is something I may replace in this deck. While not bad, She rarely stays alive long enough to become a real threat. That said she has been known to bait out removals so she can be useful for that purpose.

Shrieking Harpy is a great prophecy card the provides some much needed tempo control.

Wardcrafters are there to help Ancano stay alive versus other blue decks while also allowing you to apply early pressure.

Dark Rebirth is just a good way to get more value out a single card. Cunning Ally, Ward Crafter, Conjuration Tutor, Indoril Archmage, Ancano, Odavhiing, Paarthurnax. All very good targets for Dark Rebirth.

Revealing the Unseen, it's an action that gives you more actions. Fits like a glove for the deck.

Auridon Paladin is there for his decent body and the drain you'll be gaining from your acions. He helps keep you in the fight versus more aggressive decks.

Lightning Bolt....Nothing more tilting for your enemy than for him to be at 4 health and and plopping down 50 guard thinking he's finally stabilized the board only to have a lightning bolt fly from your face right into his...

Chanters of Akatosh are something I'm still on the fence about in the deck as they are useful in some situations but are quite pricey in the magicka department. That said using them with Revealing the Unseen or Dark Rebirth will always yield Cunning Allies which in turn have a good chance of more firebolts.

Lillandril Hexmage is there to help you push face while clearing the board, her 4/4 body doesn't hurt your trading abilities either.

Piercing Javelin...It kills everything...except Nahagliiv...but we don't talk about him..

Conjuration Tutor is to help give you the larger bodies this deck is missing. Not only that, he gives you the added bonus of summoning another atronach in the opposite lane. He synergizes fairly well with Mages Guild Retreat.

Ice Storm is Ice Storm. Do I really need to say more?

Mages Guild retreat is there to help get the most out of all the actions you'll be generating with Cunning Ally, Revealing the Unseen, and hopefully Terenus.

Ancano is here because...well he's basically the blue Tazkad...what's not to love!

Indoril Archmage is another I'm considering replacing. While I like him because even if he's Javelined he'll kill most everyone but the toughest customers in his lane. His cost makes him difficult to justify playing unless in a desperate situation.

Big boy Terenus...Not a lot of people like him due to his cost and I can't really blame them. He makes it difficult to play any actions on the turn you use him forcing you to basically hold onto him on turn 10 until you find a Firebolt. Hence why we love Firebolts in this deck. Odds are quite good you'll have one or more on turn 11 to start the shenanigans.

All in all I find this deck pretty fun to play. It's not the best or most efficient, I'm sure. But fun with a dash of success is what I was going for.

As for things I might change in the future:

Indoril for something like Undying Dragon to help push healing and bait removals.

Maybe Crystal Tower Crafter for something like Telvanni Arcanist

Also would like to fit Ayrenn in here somewhere once I can craft her.

Anyway I hope you guys and gals enjoy the deck, and I welcome any feedback you can offer! This is my first deck post and would like to do more as I get better at building decks and get more cards. (This is my first real card game so it's all a learning experience!)

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