Let me tend to your wounds

By: Ulquiorra
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 14800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck was created to mimic lethal archer, but with the use of "Wounded" instead.

It has a lot of creature removal and Lane Removal
Finish off and Leaflurker take care of wounded creatures. Creatures can't hide in the shadow lane as skaven pyromancer, rapid shot, curses from Murkwater shaman, Dushnikh, earthbone spinner, or wildfire dragon can be used to wound anything and you can easily remove it.
You can clear entire lanes with Burn and Pillage, or Skaven Pyromancer/Wildfire Dragon + Fallinesti Reaver. Even if you don't clear entire lanes, skaven, wildfire, and burn and pillage are meant to wound every enemy creature so you can have your pick of which one to remove.
Aela Huntmate is also a perfect removal and places a 5/5 body on board.
Dushnikh Yal Archer and Earthbone spinner also act as ping to further wound creatures in any lane.

Silvenar Tracker
This card, surprisingly, is actually a hit in this deck. I use this as a ping to:
    -Remove wounded creatures
    -Damage an unwounded enemy creature in a lane with a wounded enemy creature. So I can remove the more dangerous threat.
    -As a Charge finisher, similar to Cliffracer but with one less damage
I thought he would just be a meme, but I actually want to add 3 to the deck surprisingly.

Card Draw
Good Card draw from Aela's huntmate, rapid shot, Gristlehide Dreugh. You can also damage Gristlehide Dreugh with ur own ping effects (skaven, rapid shot, wildfire, Dushnikh Yal archer) to draw even more cards.

Fearless Northlander
Make him stronger with ur own ping effects from skaven/Dushnikh/wiildfire for the extra damage if you really need it.

Pretty easy deck to pilot, and a fun one too ;^).

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1 Reply
Ulquiorra 10 months ago
thanks, hope you enjoyed it :) . Its not as strong as rage archer, but something different.
HippyMunky 10 months ago
Wish I had the cards, looks good.. is their a substitute for Mage Slayer. It’s the only cards I don’t have.
1 Reply
Ulquiorra 10 months ago
Sorry, IRL problems and experimenting with clockwork city has kept me away from here for a while. Hmmm, you could use Mournhold traitor instead of mage slayer, but then you'll have to use skaven or other removal to take care of the 2/1 guard after he dies. Which is why I don't use Mournhold. DIdn't like the idea of using my removal on a 2/1 guard. If you don't have mournhold, you can use afflicted alit or protector of the innocent. I personally went with mage slayer cause he can't be fireballed right off the bat.
Litus 10 months ago
I've been toying around with an idea for this deck for about a month, but haven't been able to play so it has mostly been in my mind. I was just updating it with some card changes when I stumbled upon your deck.

I focus more on drawing a ton of cards to try to get consistency and control the board while building card advantage through favourable trades. You use more creatures that benefit from self-harm, which I didn't consider.

Did you try the Skulk/Curse package by any chance?

EDIT: my version: https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/26538/bleed
1 Reply
Ulquiorra 10 months ago
Sorry been away for a while. I thought of skulk/curse, but I personally didn't want to include it. Don't really have a reason. Just felt the other cards would fit the deck better as I could get curses from murkwater shaman. I wanted creatures that could potentially be more dangerous than skulk. Such as mage slayer being immune to damaging actions, self harming fearless northlander with skaven to boost him, etc. I felt skulk/curse didn't fit, but you can make it work with skulk also.
Wabbitman 10 months ago
Looks awesome. What do you think about filling the last 20 cards with shout based cards. Seems like it might possibly add to the synergy. Thoughts?
1 Reply
Ulquiorra 10 months ago
Shout based cards are usually too slow for aggro. Which is why you tend to see them in mostly control type decks.
Wabbitman 10 months ago
Ulquiorra wrote:
Shout based cards are usually too slow for aggro. Which is why you tend to see them in mostly control type decks.

Makes sense, plus I think 70 cards would throw off this nice deck composition anyway. Do you think its worth adding another dragon and night mother to ideally trigger mother a couple times before dropping each dragon? What do you think?
1 Reply
Ulquiorra 10 months ago
Oh yeah you should never do more than 50 cards, imo. You want to draw out your deck's strategy as quickly as possible. It will come out faster in 50 cards than in 70. Night mother is also too slow, and the only slay creature I have is wildfire. Wilfire dragon is there to kill any 1 health creature, but mainly to wound all creatures on the board so I can either: Leaflurker, finish off, skaven pyromancer (if the creatures have only 1 health left), or best of all Fallinesti an entire enemy lane to wipe out all their creatures the next turn. His "slay" ability is not really important. Its nice to see him get stronger, but his "summon" ability is the main thing as it wounds all creatures.
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