Merric Dwemer

By: Shinestorm
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Posted: 7 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 14850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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turnabouts 6 months ago
Very nice Deck!
So have you changed it for the current meta and after the nerfs (Tel Vos)?And do you prioritize Support Destroyer more than Silence Effects?
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I've actually cut the Tel'Vos and Archers altogether, along with Barbas and the Centurion. I currently have them replaced with Genius Pathmages and Orc Clan Captians, but I'm sure you could play Earth-Bone Spinners if you wanted. As long as the list doesn't go above 17-18 coloured cards, you're good.
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