[Master] Bravil Treasury Guards

Dark Brotherhood - Episode 5 - Bravil Treasury
willpower strength
By: Alex Nares
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 13950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck is specifically designed to defeat Dark Brotherhood Episode 5 - Bravil Treasury. (Master Difficulty)

I threw this deck together in 10 minutes and defeated the Treasury Guards on the first try. I think it will serve you well.

General Strategy:

The idea of this deck is this: The enemy will have many powerful cards that have high mana costs. Their cards can be easily defeated by using cards that destroy their cards 1-for-1, while also using draw power to outlast the opponent. The opponent will eventually run out of cards, but you will have plenty of cards to spare, eventually defeating them through attrition and field control.

First priority is to destroy your opponents creatures. Then, when you have established field control, attack their health directly.

Specific Strategies:

Draw Power
Blood Pact Messenger
Eastmarch Crusader
Hlaalu Oathman
Stronghold Patrol
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot
Aela's Huntmate
Moonmoth Castellan - Also serves as a Guard x2
Ash Berserker
Orb of Vaermina

The whole point of having these cards in your deck is for draw power, to outlast the opponent's cards. Always try to use their effects to draw additional cards. Thieves Guild Shadowfoot has to potential to score you a Piercing Javelin or Elite Treasury Guard (8/8 with Guard, 5-cost creature) - while also denying the enemy these cards!

Stand Watch
Moonmoth Castellan
Vigilant Giant -- Also serves as Draw Power

The opponent will very quickly kill you if you let him attack you directly. Use these cards to block your opponent from attacking directly.

Stone Throw
Fell the Mighty
Piercing Javelin
Dawn's Wrath
The Red Year

These cards offer pure destruction against your opponent's heavy hitters. Don't waste these cards on small enemies. Save them for the opponent's Elite Treasure Guards (8/8 with Guard, 5-cost creature), Blood Magic Lords, Mantikoras, Gargoyles, Gravesingers, or any other strong creatures. If you have enough field presence to destroy enemy heavies in combat, you should do so, and save these cards as your "ace in the hole" for emergencies.

Emergency Comeback Cards
Dawn's Wrath
The Red Year

If the enemy starts to overpower you, play these cards to kick the opponent off their pedestal. Save these cards for opportunities when you can to destroy multiple enemy cards. If you can avoid destroying your own cards as well, these cards can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Mundus Stone
Wrothgar Forge
Ancestor's Battleaxe

These cards were splashed in, since they are powerful late-game cards. Ancestor's Battleaxe and Wrothgar Forge have the additional advantage of helping you use Stone Throw effectively.

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AyrenneA 3 months ago
I didn't have Orb of Vaermina and a couple other cards, so I made a few changes, including adding
Miraak. Even so, this deck worked well for me on Master difficulty.
Thanks for sharing it!
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