Who doesn't like curves?

By: LLt223
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 20000crystal
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Same idea as my Warrior deck:

Having a nice and smooth consistent curve, alongside with having all the cool Strengh Unique creatures on a sligly more midrange oriented deck, and few new ideas coming from the new expansion

-Cloak+ dagger instead of Longsword, this way you'll have more % of having an item in hand to un-shackle Craven conscript

-Crown Quartermaster instead of Relentless Raider, same idea, having an extra item to un-shackle Craven conscript

-Daggerfall Phantom / It's here only to allow us to run those 3 colors, hopefully we will have a better suited card for this deck in the future since we are not a heavy item oriented deck

-Dragontail Savior / This card along other old ones is going to be kinda more relevant since with the new expansion we are going to see a lot of tokens= full lanes = this card gets more value (in this scenario one of the best 2 drops in the game imo)

-Ornamented Sword / Another new card, since we need 2 drops for having a nice curve, and we aren't kite the full face aggro stile deck that would go for 4/1 2cost, but instead a slighly more midgame oriented deck (still being aggro) this card can be a 3/2 creature (due to mobilice) on an empty lane, or an item aka another way to un-shackle Craven conscript

-Berserker of the pale / I have never seen this card in play, but playing a tricolor of this kind it gets triky to find good 3 cost cards that keep preasure(with raw stats), there are really good ones, like Mamoth or Haunting spirit, but there aint many, so for keeping the nice curve we have to put something else, I kite don't like Daggerfall mages on a midrange more oriented to agro deck, and this card have really good sinergy with all our 4+ cost cards in our deck

(Other options for 3 cost could be Aundae Clan Sorcerer, Dark guardian, Stalking shadowscale... All strong options to play against tokens (actually, Better options against tokens)

A few considerations:

With the new meta to come there is going to be a lot of changes some of them could be adding another Earthbone Spinner (vs heavy item oriented decks or vs new cards with strong active habilities)

Having in mind that this is a tricolor, we could run out of cards in hand and have problems with card draw, so could be an option adding another Triumphant Jarl

I think the 3-cost section of this deck will be the more prone to change, due the lack of guards we could run in some problems depending what happens with the meta (current options available Dark guardian and/or Morkul Gatekeeper)

Runing Berserker of the Pale expecting it to work is probably a mistake since his low resilience for a 3 cost, but with the new meta I hope to play vs more variety of decks and facing less Tribunal control(for example...) so I want to give it a go, otherwise it will just end being cut out

If runing Galyn the shelterer on a aggro/midrange 50 card deck is already short of a bad idea, runing on a 75 could be even worse, so for better preasure and consistency it could be end being cut out for a better 3cost with direct impact/more preasure

I dont think the rest of the cards need explanation, if else you can find some info on my warrior deck about them:



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