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By: ChoateGaming
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 18000crystal
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Prior to the popular version of Control Doomcrag as well as the introduction of a slew of nerfs that included Northwind Outpost, Aggro Doomcrag was a real deck. Like its distant cousin, the Control version, it featured Doomcrag in a Warrior list. However, it was instead heavy on Nord Firebrands, Northwind Outpost, and other pings. Not only was it really solid, but it was a load of fun as well. Honorary mention to Karakondzhul who I remember as one of the first people to play it (and successfully so), however I'm unsure if he created the original deck or not.

Why Token Redoran? Why Doomcrag?

With that said, I wanted to shed some light on a deck I have played on and off since early 2018 in its Warrior version. Aggressive token-style Redoran decks have existed since Redoran as a class has existed, but they've always been considered lackluster. A few powerful new tools exclusive to Endurance tokens (Apprentice Necromancer) along with token-wide "good stuff" cards like Wily Kee'va, Mercenary Captain, or even Moon Bishop has helped the archetype along immensely.

The biggest question I get when anyone looks at the list is... "Doomcrags?"

The answer is... of course! They serve as an incredibly useful function in this deck. When you have the ability to go wide and your opponents can't answer, their next best thing is to usually guard up. Nothing answers a fat guard better than developing a Doomcrag and trading away one of your small tokens. It's extremely potent against Midrange decks that think they are the brink of stabilizing against your more aggressive strategy, since you might need a couple of more turns to close things out.

Specific cards in Redoran really give it reason to be played over other Token decks. It's up to you to consider which cards you prefer most. Besides the Doomcrag tech, really strong cards include Apprentice Necromancer, Sower of Revenge, Haunting Spirit, Strategic Reinforcements, and most of the red tech (WHC, Garnag, Crusader dual-colors). Some of these options can be explored in other decks as well (Tribunal Tokens, which is largely unexplored; Empire Tokens, which is really strong; and of course Spellsword).

With that said, let's hop in to the card choices. I'll try to keep this updated as the deck changes over time.

Card Choices

0-Cost: Starting at the top, it's nice to have a couple of Firebrands for tempo or Doomcrag combos. 3 of them are certainly playable but you might risk burning out your card advantage too early if your opponent has answers.

1-Cost: The versatility and fun of this deck. I'm not sure on the optimal amount just yet, but you'll want to run around 10-12 in order to proc Apprentice Necromancer more often. You may be able to bump this up to 10 or 11 just to ensure Necromancer gets more value. I like the versatility of having different 1-drops for your Necromancer to pull back in a variety of situations. Need to race? Relentless Raider can help you out. Need pure stats? Apprentice Necromancer + Moon Bishop is 4/8 worth of stats for 3 magicka. or a 4/4 +4 health. There's tons of ways to play with this, but the idea is that you want cards that have immediate impact as opposed to just "good cards" like Iliac Sorcerer. My favorite cards here are Imbued Argonian (also procs with Mercenary Captain), Sharpshooter Scout (cleans up and Doomcrag combo), and Moon Bishop (1/5 is great to open field lane or can be 4-health later on in a race).

(rest coming soon)

2-Cost: The core 2-drops include Bruma, Cleric, Fifth Legion Trainer, Cleric, 1 Redoran Forerunner, Skinned Hound, and Wily. You'll almost always want 3 Fifth Legions and Orc Clan Captains, but the numbers for the remaining can be played with. Wily is also great as a 3-of and one of our best opening plays on turn 2.

3-Cost: Apprentice Necromancer is our premier 3-drop in a deck that has a ton of 1-drops. Crusader's Assault and Eastmarch Crusader are our draw options, while Haunting Spirit is our "good stuff" card. Sharpshooter and Penitus give us ways to interact with our opponent while Withered Hand can lock them out.

4-Cost: This is where our uniques come into play. Garnag, Varen, and The Black Dragon are great auto-includes, while Dawnbreaker is a possibility as well. You'll almost always want to run 3 Candlehearth Brawlers and you can opt for Emperor's Blade over Hive Defender if you want. Strategic Deployment can win games on its own and is hard to answer cleanly, but can be pretty slow in some matchups. Great into Merc Captain or Fervor.

5-Cost: Fervors and Sowers. Fervors and Sowers.

6-Cost: Just two copies of Doomcrag is all we need; you can run three if you want, but basically we'll want to occasionally see him as a way to blow out big guards with one of our small creatures while developing that insane effect and 4/4 body.

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