Mana Curve

0 3 11 14 11 9 1 1

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Charge 13
Lethal 8
Ward 7
Prophecy 6
Drain 6
Guard 5
Wane 3
Wax 3
Pilfer 3
Last Gasp 2
Invade 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Exalt 0
Betray 0
Slay 0
Regenerate 0
Breakthrough 0
Plot 0
Rally 0
Assemble 0


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Attuned Assassin - **UPDATED**

By: Sarene_Grace
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 8450crystal
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Went from Rank 5 to Rank 2 within 12 hours, then Rank 2 to Rank 1 took a little longer but this deck still pulled through for me. I'm really proud of this deck so I figured I'd share it. (UPDATE: I made Legend using primarily this deck!!! #87 baby) One of my winstreaks

Legend Rank Post

TL:DR - Giant Bat + Attuned Dremora late game = Profit

Full Deck explanation below:

The idea of the deck is to get as many keywords as you can on the field so Attuned Dremora can go to work. The end goal/win con in most of the matches I played with this deck came down to getting Giant Bat and Attuned Dremora on the field at the same time to clean up the last 6 health of my opponents (there are plenty of other reach options in this deck though!)

Baandari Opportunist - A reliable 1-drop that gives cheap charge for Attuned Dremora, also pairs well with Assassin's Ritual. Not to mention getting the ones you shuffle in 2 turns after you pilfer is clutch af.

Altmer Flameslinger - Nice chip damage and if it has ward when it comes to rolling other keywords, drain and lethal are common and extremely helpful.

Fighters Guild Recruit - Nice dash of prophecy, and the guard/lethal is nice to get onto Attuned Dremora.

Ice Spike - Draw and fits with the aggro style of the deck. The late game reach (if you get it that late in the game) is decent too.

Wardcrafter - A staple in many blue decks, fits with Manic Jack and to ward lethal creatures and things you're trying to protect until your next turn.

Assassin's Ritual - I considered taking this out, but it's come in handy more than I expected, warded lethal being one of this deck's best answers to THICC guards (particularly Dark Seducer) and to catch big slay creatures off guard in the field lane.

Giant Bat - I LOVE THIS LITTLE BASTARD. If your opponent can't take it down, you just keep chipping 2 drain for free. My general rule with this deck and this card is to always have a bat in hand. If you get a second one, then you can play the first one, or if you trust that your first one can live until you get the second star of this deck (Attuned Dremora) on the field.

Manic Jack - A staple of most keyword decks, this deck is no exception. Also pairs well with the previously mentioned Assassin's Ritual for a clean +2/+2.

Moonphase Suthay - A double threat of a 3/3 drain or some needed draw. Highly underrated card that doesn't require Moon Gate.

Sentinel Reclaimer - Getting the Steel Dagger and Steel Sword from this card's summon ability in some games can mean the difference between winning and being 5 damage short if your opponent has been controlling you for a lot of the game.

Lightning Bolt - Need I say anything? 99.9% of decks with blue run this, but it's especially important here. One game I thought I'd lose because I got all 3 bolts within the first 2 turns. BOY was I wrong! These are essential for reach. So many of the games I played have come down to a double lightening bolt finish.

Royal Sage - Much like Manic Jack, a staple for most keyword decks. With so much early drain, it's incredibly likely that you can trigger it's summon ability and take advantage of it.

Sadras Agent - Guard, helps slow the opponent down due to it's Last Gasp, being a 2 for 1 when it doesn't catch the all-too-common Sorcerer's Negation. If you absolutely can't run Sadras Agent, try running Dres Renegade to prevent those pesky Shrieking Harpy and wild Paralyzes.

Territorial Viper - Arguably one of my favorite cards of all time, catching guards off-guard and taking out the opponent's un-warded wincons in one hit. Also nice to have on the field as Attuned Dremora comes in.

Attuned Dremora - Hands down my favorite card of the new expansion. With all of the keywords in this deck, you'll be rolling AT LEAST 2 onto it when it comes on the field. Perfect for late game.

Cliff Racer - Another excelllent card that comes out of nowhere and SMASHES into guards that your cards on the field might be struggling to get past. Also pairs well with Sentinel Reclaimer's weapons for a clean late game 7 damage to the face with 7 magicka.

Spoils of War - With all the facerolling you're doing, this deck benefits from this card for draw. Expect to draw 2 cards for 1-3 magicka.

Abnur Tharn - The versatility of this card is RIDICULOUS, not just in this deck but any deck you run him in. I've used him to copy Xivkyn Channeler's summon and gain 10 health, or Faded Wraith's summon to draw 5 cards. Can also be a 4th Attuned Dremora if you can copy it's summon upon play.

Razum-Dar - Another charge card that's crazy fun. I've won a few games with my opponent's cards. Best played when you're about to pop an opponent rune and then end your turn to get their next card.

Constructive comments/criticism are welcome. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! See you on the ladder!

Flex Spot Suggestions (I haven't tested any of these, but feel free to and let me know how they work out!)

Swift Strike - Quite a few Agility attibute decks run it, might be helpful for games that go a little longer than turn 8/9.

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Another liar drumming up a deck that can't deal with
mass removal
slow draw
tribunal removal decks or hard control combo decks
This deck is if you prefer the kiddie pool players and in no way did you use to climb to legend alone. Anything meta at rank five will roll this deck. Pretending this deck is any good is worse as you mislead the results. How about providing honest feedback. Depending on three cards or beating your opponent down in the age of token ramp decks will just end in frustration for anyone who follows you.
3 Replies
Joedor 1 week ago
If the deck took the author from rank 5 to rank 2, they aren't a liar. Relax. Find another deck and move along.
You are a douchebag
He/She is not a liar. I have confirmation about the rank. Next time you should get proof before blindly trying to troll someone on the Internet just because he/she posted a top deck and is not one of your favorite streamers.

In the famous words of the philosopher Plato, "SHUT THE FUCK UP NOB"
Great deck thanks
Mikaeus 1 week ago
Hey man,
I picked up the deck a few days ago and it turned out to be pretty strong.

Im playing Ancano and Tazkad instead of Abnurn Tharn and Razum-Dar just because I do not own them. But I felt their reach fits very well the deck. Did you test these two aswell or would you recommend Abnurn Tharn and Razum-Dar?
1 Reply
I personally haven't used Ancano or Tazkad in the deck but if you're finding success with them, absolutely go for it!
6 games played, 6 lost. LOL. Please post a video where you can actually win with this deck because I'm really curious.
You made a really solid deck here. I made a version of it (subbed in only 3 cards) and it runs very smoothe. Gonna upvote your deck and support you. Ignore the haters. Keep truckin on.
1 Reply
Thank you so much! I admire your work so this means a lot to me. :D
Vladimir Eise... 6 days ago
Maybe we should replace [Royal Sage]x1 to [Ancano]? In this case, deck will be more flexible as for me. Also, we not always have possibility get profit from all three [Royal Sage].
Tywnis 3 days ago
Been playing a similar idea deck for a while, also took me from 5 to 1, but always interesting to see another's take on it.
This deck looks really good! I would however, definitely add Ancano into it. That 5 dmg on summon is to strong to pass up. I would suggest taking out Razum-Dar or one Sentinel Reclaimer for him. Razum-dar's draws would be to inconsistent in terms of actually getting cards worth while and 3 reclaimer's is a little overkill. Just my opinion though but the decks looks really solid overall.
What a terrible deck. Stop using alt accounts to upvote your decks.

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