Mana Curve

3 14 12 12 5 3 0 1

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Breakthrough 9
Charge 6
Treasure Hunt 3
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Slay 0
Prophecy 0
Ward 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Plot 0
Lethal 0
Exalt 0
Drain 0
Betray 0
Invade 0
Guard 0
Assemble 0
Last Gasp 0
Pilfer 0


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By: acampbell11
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 1 day ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 6500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

Disclaimer: This deck was created by all accounts to be fun. So I focused on both the fun factor as well as reliability while crafting it. I haven't tested it at all levels in ladder, and so far it has had maybe a 75% win rate.

Gameplay Objectives:
This deck is designed to play as aggressively as possible for the best effect. Focus on doing as much damage as possible on turns 1-4. Providing your opponent did not build his deck around healing in mind, the rest of the game should be spent figuring how to use the massive stockpile of items you have amassed (by turn 5 your hand should be damn near full of them) to obliterate your opponent's face. Achieving a single massive SUPERNOVA attack with Breakthrough is how most games will be won. Against this deck, EVERY target you drop against your opponent (down to even a pitiful 0/1 creature) should be considered a massive threat to him. Be mindfull NOT TO WASTE your items just to keep the best presence on the board.

- The deck has been optimized for reliability. Cards that create dead drawing and tempo slowing have been removed, unless you mulligan into one of only a few cards.
This means I chose NOT to run Arcane Enchanter in the end.
- The deck contains a lot of Breakthrough + Charge. That coupled with a massive selection of Items at your disposal can end a game REAL quick. Be prepared for a fun factor of 10.0
- You will have toolkit items at your disposal, such as Lute and Bone Bow, the effects of which will double with Gardener of Swords on the field.
- Hand stability is optimized. Do not simply WASTE your items to get some early game quick damage in. That only serves to hasten your loss. Every creature in here will do something to further your cause and make those items even stronger down the road. Save them.
- I consider this deck as a "Budget" deck as it costs less than 8k gems to build.

- This deck will sometimes rely on a combo to get the win. The combo is simple: Skilled Blacksmith + Dragonstar Rider
- Like most Item Aggro decks, this deck is weak vs healing, but only to an extent. The ability to pump a creature to 56 damage and then Breakthrough to the face, is fairly easy to pull off.
- This deck has ZERO Prophecies, and does not include the staple Lightning Bolt that is usually 100% required in any Intelligence aggro deck.
- Often times, you will be forced to play into the Shadow Lane.
- Deck contains very little in the way of Control.

The Mulligan Phase:
What to Discard:
- Discard every item in your hand, except Ornamental Sword
- Gardener of Swords
- Telekinesis
- Dragonstar Rider (depending on situation)
- Unstoppable Rage

The Card Breakdown:
The Items
Trusty Sword: Since this card is a free +2 item, it ensures a free draw off of Dragonstar Rider, and provides an easy solution for Lethal or runebreaking.
Cloak/Dagger: This card is fantastic in here for many reasons. It receives the double bonus from Master Swordsmith in addition to providing a nice combo with Gardener of Swords. Stacks well with your Dragonstar Rider as well.
Dagoth Dagger: Just a fantastic addition as it grants Breakthrough while providing the +2 power for only 1 mana. Couples nicely with Skilled Blacksmith and Dragonstar Rider, which allows it to do all this for free with the added card drawing benefit.
Lute: This item is key to protect your core creatures from Silence (i.e. Skilled Blacksmith, Gardener of Swords, Master Swordsmith and Dragonstar Rider).
Steel Scimitar: A fantastic addition as even without any bonuses applied it is still a +2/+2 1 drop.
Bone Bow: This is your only Silence in the deck. Always feels good to play on a creature and get the double benefit through Gardener of Swords.
Ornamental Sword: Like the Dagoth Dagger, it has Breakthrough. The drawback is you pay 1 more mana for it, but where this card REALLY shines is in the early game as it can be played as a 3/2 with Breakthrough on T2 if you were unable to get a good 2 drop Creature.

The Creatures
Crown Quartermaster: Great early game card for poking damage with the added benefit of giving you a Dagger.
Relic Hunter: Play this card ASAP. It will only proc 1 time before it's ability is wasted. I chose for it to remain due to it's synergy in the deck with aggro in mind and the fact that you still get a solid 3/2 for a 2 drop. Keep in mind Relic Hunter will only provide the bonus to the Dagger if Sentinel Reclaimer is played, BUT, it will provide the bonus to BOTH cards if you draw a Cloak/Dagger.
Skilled Blacksmith: This is part 1 of your 2 part combo. It enables our Dragonstar Rider to potentially get a long string of draws and buffs in a single turn or to easily pump something to heavyweight status without the need for a large mana pool.
Battlerage Orc: For when you just have to absolutely kill your opponent's ass this turn. Can outfit him with a variety of curb-stomping items to get that Lethal.
Gardener of Swords: This card is pretty much a staple in any Intelligence-based item deck, but it needs specialist items to be maindecked so it does not disrupt the tempo, or just a TON of items, of which we have both.
Master Swordsmith: Play this card ASAP. Lute it if you can. You really only need for it to proc once, but if you can get it to proc multiple times, your chances of winning the game will be much higher. I have had some games where I draw 6 free items off of the Dragonstar Rider and get over 50 damage to pump with.
Sentinel Reclaimer: A fantastic addition, as at face value you will receive 3 pump damage and get a nice solid 2/3 for the low cost of 3 mana. Play this one ASAP as well.
Rampaging Minotaur: A more expensive Battlerage Orc, with built-in Breakthrough and more damage. Definitely core to the deck and perfect for getting high on anabolic steroids before breaking through those pesky guards for the win.
Dragonstar Rider: The entire deck basically revolves around this card. Enables you to replenish your entire hand in the late game while simultaneously making itself REALLY big. Just needs very little explanation.

Telekinesis: Imagine smashing your opponent with a 32 damage creature, then for only 4 mana transferring all but only a few of the aforementioned damage to some other creature and then hitting him again. Best reserved for the endgame only.
Unstoppable Rage: For when your opponent has an entire Shadow lane full of guards (where you will be often forced to play) and you need that special edge to get the W. There are plenty of Breakthrough options available for you in the deck to capitalize off of this very powerful kill card.

Sorry for the lateness on the guide. I am unable to be on much anymore due to my personal life. I thank you all for your continued support and GOOD LUCK OUT THERE.

As always, smash like and leave your salt in the comments section.

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I love item aggro. Looking forward to the guide!
Where is the guide? Its been 15 hours, and you said tomorrow.
1 Reply
acampbell11 1 week ago
Just finished. Sorry about the delay.
thx man from rank 3 to 1 give you my blessings.
Just curious, if you move, say, 5 items to your Dragonstar Rider with Telekinesis, do you draw 5 cards?
1 Reply
Yes. And if you have a Gardener in play he equips a copy of all those items as well.
balu 6 days ago
It is called "Blitzkrieg", not "BLITZCRIEG".
1 Reply
acampbell11 3 days ago
Updated the name. You are definitely right. Bad typo, danke.
acampbell11 3 days ago
Patch Notes - Alpha 1.01

1 | Bone Bow
1 | Telekinesis

1 | Lyris Titanborn
1 | Unstoppable Rage
1 Reply
Thank you for the deck share man. I am liking it.
I just tried your deck and maaaaan, it's NUTS!

It seemed unlikely at first, but Unstoppable Rage is such a nice touch. It turns a lonely blacksmith into a sudden lethal threat!
Holy Cow! I hit for 34 then Telekinesis for another 28
Don't you think Battlefield Scrounger would fit in nicely in this too?
I have been trying to make telekinesis and item decks work FOREVER. And you did it. Thank you a ton for doing what this noob couldn't. This is gonna be fun
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