Cards Database

Back-Alley Footpad Back-Alley Footpad
Bushwhack Bushwhack
Calm Calm
Cauterize Cauterize
Close Call Close Call
Cruel Firebloom Cruel Firebloom
Curse Curse
Daggers in the Dark Daggers in the Dark
Dres Spy Dres Spy
Dwarven Spider Dwarven Spider
Forked Bolt Forked Bolt
Healing Hands Healing Hands
Improvised Weapon Improvised Weapon
Lesser Ward Lesser Ward
Maple Shield Maple Shield
Move in Shadows Move in Shadows
Murkwater Goblin Murkwater Goblin
Nord Firebrand Nord Firebrand
Orvas' Bargain Orvas' Bargain
Paralyze Paralyze
Septim Guardsman Septim Guardsman
Sound the Alarm Sound the Alarm
Suppress Suppress
Vvardvark Experiment Vvardvark Experiment
Aldmeri Patriot Aldmeri Patriot
Arrow in the Knee Arrow in the Knee
Ashlander Zealot Ashlander Zealot
Baandari Opportunist Baandari Opportunist
Bewildering Speed Bewildering Speed
Blackmail Blackmail
Blackreach Rebuilder Blackreach Rebuilder
Blood Sorceress Blood Sorceress
Brotherhood Sanctuary Brotherhood Sanctuary
Brutal Ashlander Brutal Ashlander
Cheydinhal Sapper Cheydinhal Sapper
Cloak/Dagger Cloak/Dagger
Corprus Disease Corprus Disease
Covenant Marauder Covenant Marauder
Crown Quartermaster Crown Quartermaster
Dagoth Dagger Dagoth Dagger
Deadly Draugr Deadly Draugr
Deathless Draugr Deathless Draugr
Deepwood Trapper Deepwood Trapper
Descendant of Alkosh Descendant of Alkosh
Dominion Oathman Dominion Oathman
Dragon Cult Ghost Dragon Cult Ghost
Drain Vitality Drain Vitality
Elixir of Vitality Elixir of Vitality