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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 5 days ago
Up to date (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 8300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Edit: I am now running one Dark Rebith and one Corsair Ship. The ships were clunky in multiples, and the hero provides even more direct damage. The hero is also another great target for the rebirth in a pinch.

So for my first deck spotlight in a post "Heroes of Skyrim" world, I wanted to get back to my roots. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this list is a Charge heavy list. I've created several decks in the past based on a similar core set of cards, and the core of this list is the same. If you haven't seen the old lists, you can check out Ray Chargles, Charcher, and Charcher the Sequel for some historical perspective.

The core of this list is split into two key categories. There are cards that represent "direct damage," and there are cards that buff your other cards. The only card that doesn't fit either category that is in the list right now is Earthbone Spinner.

Direct damage can come in the form of actions like Lightning Bolt, summon effects like the one on Sharpshooter Scout, or creatures with Charge like Battlerage Orc. These are intended to do damage directly to your opponent whenever possible. I'm not saying that you never trade, but you will be attacking your opponent more often than not. Since the damage is constantly coming from your hand, it makes it harder for your opponent to react to it. New Skyrim additions Shield Breaker and Stormcloak Vanguard are very welcome in this list.

The "buff" cards are those that are meant to enhance the damage of your other cards. Cards like Northwind Outpost and Orc Clan Captain increase the damage of your Charge creatures. Dare Rebirth, a new addition from Skyrim, allows creatures with Charge to effectively attack twice. You can also use it to trigger Afflicted Alit, Earthbone Spinner, or even Sharpshooter Scout in a pinch.

The important part about piloting this deck is to learn when to trade. There are certain cards that you can't leave on the board without a plan. Dawnstar Healer, for example, can really cause this list some issues. Killing it is often the same as doing six or nine extra damage to your opponent simply by preventing the healing it would have done. Creatures with Drain are often a priority as well. In most other cases, it is actually better to just attack your opponent. This deck has some crazy burst potential, and you have to trust in it. It's going to feel weird, and the play style will not work for everyone. If you have played Suicide Red from Magic the Gathering, it is very similar to that.

If you want to see a budget version of this list, you can check it out here.

Check out the video below to see the deck in action.

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Hunteristic 1 week ago
I didn't have three Relentless Raider, so I used Shadowmere. It seemed to synergize well enough with Dark Rebirth.
1 Reply
CHARM3R 1 week ago
Shadowmere is a fine substitute, as are Crown Quartermaster.
I don't have any relentless raiders, but from what I can tell using this deck, you either destroy or get destroyed. There doesn't seem to be any in between.
3 Replies
5argan 3 days ago
Well yeah that's the point of aggro though
Yeah that's aggro. And this is a fun deck, but it's getting rekt on the reg by most of the stuff that's being played out there ime. Guards for days and days.
CHARM3R 3 days ago
This deck is very much like "suicide red" from Magic the Gathering. If it doesn't close out the win quickly, it will flame out. When I was playing this list, there were a lot more Scout Ramp players on the ladder. This deck has an advantage against that deck, so it was doing very well. Since that time, however, I've been seeing a fair amount of mid-range on the ladder. Mid-range Mage and Assassin can both give this deck trouble. That being said, I've also not played this much in the quite a few days because I've been testing a bunch of different archetypes to get a handle on what has potential.
Hi CHARM3R are you planning on showing any more decks this month?
1 Reply
CHARM3R 3 days ago
Yeah. I'm probably going to post another spotlight later this week. I'm kind of waiting to post until we know more about the potential nerfs, since it will impact things a bit.
Paly_Noob 20 hours ago
+1 Charmer, but why no Merric? Seems like an auto-include in this deck as a finisher?
1 Reply
CHARM3R 15 hours ago
He was in the deck, but he was often too slow. He needs a board to get the most value, and your creatures in this deck are "expendable" which makes for a smaller board.
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